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Student Success Stories

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With support from ARRA funding, the SRP is able to fund summer research programs for high school and undergraduate students at nine universities. Summaries of the research they conducted in 2010 are below. To see the research conducted in 2009, visit the Archives.

  • Nur Ali is a student at the Math, Science, and Technology Center at Dunbar High School. She spent her summer conducting research on the use of hydrogels for the remediation of organohalides.
  • Lin Ao spent her summer studying the effects of polychlorinated biphenyls and lipopolysachharides on the blood-brain barrier.
  • Chris Barton is a recent graduate of the University of Kentucky. He spent his summer studying the toxicity of PCBs as they pertain to oxidative stress on endothelial cells.
  • Haddijatou Bayo says that her time in the ARRA Summer Research Program taught her to be more resourceful and analytical.
  • Jane Chen joined the Dartmouth College SRP for the second time this past summer. She learned about lab protocol and analytical chemistry methods.
  • Tiare Dunlap learned about the important function fulfilled by Dartmouth College SRP's Research Translation Core through working with them over the summer.
  • Marisa Dzioba spent her second summer with the Dartmouth College SRP. She was able to practice and perfect her laboratory analysis skills.
  • Elani Fourie spent her summer studying the cell uptake and toxicity of polychlorinated biphenyls adsorbed onto nanoparticles.
  • Ashley Gadsden lent valuable office assistance to Dartmouth SRP researchers and helped make field sample collection kits for several projects.
  • Joann Gruber spent her summer conducting statistical analyses for a study investigating how diet and nutrients affect arsenic exposure via drinking water on maternal health and fetal development.
  • Curtis Hansen is a recent Dartmouth graduate who spent his summer studying the trophic transfer of metals through aquatic food webs and ecosystems.
  • Lauren Hendricks was introduced to hands-on lab work this past summer, and learned how to conduct low-level analyses of trace metals.
  • Tomi Jun spent his summer in the plant molecular biology lab at Dartmouth College. He had the opportunity to develop lab skills he learned while doing his honors research thesis.
  • Mathieu Menard spent his second summer with the Dartmouth College SRP building databases for the Birth Cohort Study using Microsoft Access.
  • Neha Ray is a senior at the Liberal Arts Academy at Henry Clay High School in Lexington, KY. She spent her summer developing an OH-PCB development system using a bioluminescent protein.
  • Hannah Roebuck is a recent graduate of Bates College in Lewiston, ME. She conducted both laboratory and field research for the Dartmouth College SRP under the guidance of Dr. Celia Chen.
  • Melanie Sayarath spent her summer assisting the Dartmouth College SRP with basic research and office tasks.
  • Heejeong Son investigated whether the exposure of human cerebrovascular endothelial cells to PCBs would lead to cancer.
  • Sara Stanton spent her summer putting together a film for the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory in order to translate the Laboratory's goals into Plain English for the general public.
  • Rita Stephenson is a high school student who was introduced to the inner workings of a research lab with the Dartmouth College SRP.
  • Sarah Stromberg used the E. coli bacteria as a model microbe to test its' tolerance and accumulation of PCB 77.
  • Miriam Subbiah was able to expand on her previous experience with the Birth Cohort Study at Dartmouth College by revising and re-formatting participant questionnaires.
  • Patriot Yang spent ten weeks in the summer of 2010 becoming proficient in basic laboratory practices under the guidance of Dr. Mary Geurniot.

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