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Hannah Roebuck

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Hannah Roebuck is a recent graduate from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. She conducted both laboratory and field research for the Dartmouth College SRP under the guidance of Celia Chen, Ph.D. Hannah says that, without a doubt, her time in the Dartmouth lab was a great summer research experience. For her senior thesis project at Bates College, Hannah wrote about the potential organic mercury contamination in the Lake Sunapee watershed in New Hampshire. Undertaking the library research for this endeavor was her first in-depth study of an environmental human health risk, and she says she was "riveted." Thus she was very excited to find out that there would be funding to support full time work Professor Chen's lab studying heavy metal contamination in collaboration with others in a longstanding research laboratory.

Hannah says that her research experience has lived up to her expectations. It was consistently gratifying to apply the knowledge that she began developing in her senior thesis to this larger, more established laboratory context. In her time at Dartmouth, Hannah improved her laboratory and field research skills. She learned the procedures necessary for trace-metal detection. Precise clean techniques-systematic acid washing, double wrapping any samples, maintaining clean gloves when handling the samples-are crucial. Further, the experience presented Hannah with examples of collaboration at its finest with different members of the lab bringing specialties and skills to the projects and even members of other Dartmouth labs and universities contributing and communicating.


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