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Haddijatou Bayo

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Haddijatou Bayo is a senior at Kentucky State University (KSU) working towards a double major in mathematics and chemistry. She found that her summer experience at the University of Kentucky (UK) to be both intellectually challenging and a good indication of what graduate school would be like. She initially took this internship without a clear idea of what her plans are after she graduates from KSU but she is certain now that she wants to pursue a graduate degree. At this time, she is considering studying either chemical engineering or epidemiology.

Haddijatou says that one of the most important skills she learned over the summer is how to be more resourceful and analytical. Many times she had to identify what she needed to know and proceed to teach myself by reading scientific literature. UK's weekly literature-reading club with her mentors Dr. Charles Bennett and Dr. David Randall were one of the most valuable resources Haddijatou had over the summer. She read numerous papers and had discussions concerning experimental design as well as the papers' content.

She feels very privileged to have had this summer experience, and Haddijatou believes it will be instrumental to her career goals. She recommends this experience to any student because it might inspire them to take their education further.


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