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Marshall Allin

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Marshall Allin

Marshall graduated from Colorado State University (CSU) in December 2009 with a degree in Chemistry. He spent the summer prior to his graduation working at Advanced Mircrolabs, LLC, a Superfund Research Program Small Business Technology Transfer Research (SRP STTR) grantee. Researchers at Advanced Microlabs were working to develop an online device capable of monitoring perchlorate remediation operations. Marshall spent much of his time in the lab troubleshooting problems and making improvements to the monitoring instrument, which developed his problem solving abilities. Marshall also learned to fabricate and test chips using statistical analysis routines as he conducted testing with potential interfering species and identifies conditions to meet product specifications. He spent some time researching and writing for a grant proposal to take projects to the next phase. Marshall received valuable training in commercial lab practices, and learned to conduct research in compliance with commercial Good Laboratory Practices and Good Manufacturing Processes. Marshall states that "working in the analytical field showed me a very different side of chemistry from what I had experienced with organic synthesis. Overall, I think this research experience has made me a more rounded chemist."


With a strong interest in product development, Marshall has worked as a research intern at Array BioPharma for two summers plus one semester, as well as conducting undergraduate research in Dr. John Wood's CSU laboratory. He was nominated for the Superfund Summer Research Experience opportunity by professors in the CSU Chemistry Department.


Marshall is planning on continuing his academic work to earn a Ph. D. in chemistry.


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