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Janelle Geddes

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Janelle Geddes

Janelle Geddes is a sophomore at Columbia University where she is majoring in Environmental Engineering with an emphasis on Public Health. She spent her summer conducting research at the University of Kentucky under the direction of Dr. Lisa Cassis. She conducted an in vivo study on approximately 20 mice. The experimental group of mice were exposed to PCBs over a 6 six-week period. During this time, the mice were infused with angiotensin II (1,000 ng/kg/min) to determine its effects on aneurysm formation. At the end of the study, plasma, adipose tissue, liver, lung, kidney and aorta were analyzed to determine PCBs effect on proinflammatory adipokine expression, adipocyte size, macrophage content, atherosclerosis, and the incidence and severity of abdominal aortic aneurysms.


Upon completion of this project, Janelle returned to Columbia University where she is pursuing her Bachelor's Degree. After college, she plans to travel and join the Peace Corps; however, she eventually plans to attend graduate school.



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