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Danielle Lyons

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Danielle Lyons is a senior at the University of Kentucky majoring in biology with a minor in family studies. Danielle began working in Dr. Bernhard Hennig's lab as a research assistant in January 2009 and spent her summer conducting an individual research project under his guidance. She investigated the influence of dietary flavonoids on PCB-induced endothelial cell dysfunction. She hypothesized that flavonoids, such as green tea-derived EGCG, can be protective by introducing cellular events and cellular signaling that can reduce PCB toxicity.


The summer research experience provided Danielle with a good understanding of biological events at the cellular level that can lead to compromised health. This research also ties in well with Danielle's long-term career goals. Finally, this experience also allowed her to appreciate and understand the link between basic science, medical discoveries, and applied medicine.


Danielle is no stranger to the research lab; while in high school she conducted research studying the aging process of C. elegans using the bacteria E. Coli. As a biology major, she has developed a strong interest in cardiovascular research. She feels that her previous experience as well as the experience she has gained from her time as a research assistant in Dr. Hennig's lab has prepared her well for her independent research project. After she completes her undergraduate degree, Danielle hopes to attend medical school and study pediatric cardiology.


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