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Tessa Peart

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Tessa Peart, a senior at Dartmouth College, worked as a Research Assistant this summer under the direction of Drs. Celia Chen and Carol Folt. She participated in many aspects of both field and laboratory research. In the field, she assisted with sampling for intertidal organisms and sediments in a contaminated estuarine site in the Hackensack River, NJ, and also assisted with collecting zooplankton samples for mercury analysis from Lake Champlain, VT. In the lab, she helped with maintaining amphipod cultures by wet sieving sediments, transferring animals to new sediments, and feeding the cultures. She was also able to independently conduct cadmium toxicity experiments using the cultured amphipods in which she assessed mortality and metal bioaccumulation. In doing this field and laboratory work, Tessa learned how to work in a trace metal clean lab, make up chemical solutions, and process samples for stable isotope and metal analysis. Her participation in the research greatly helped to complete work that would not have been done without her presence.

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