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Miriam Subbiah

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Miriam Subbiah graduated from Hanover High school in Hanover, NH in June 2009. She conducted research part-time for Dr. Margaret Karagas at Dartmouth College during the school year and began working full-time in the summer. Miriam worked to evaluate the reliability of multiple measures of metal exposure in mothers and mother-infant pairs by analyzing the concentration of arsenic in drinking water versus the concentration of arsenic in urine.


Her summer research experience marks Miriam's entrance into the workforce. Miriam says that, in addition to learning about research, she learned about work ethics and what was expected of her as a member of a research group. She also learned about the different tasks that are necessary for conducting research, and through that, she learned more about her preferences and which parts of the research process she prefers. Miriam comments, "Before this experience, I had always imagined I would enjoy lab and computer work equally; however, I'm glad I was able to narrow down my interests a little bit."


Miriam is a freshman at Carleton College, where she has just finished her first trimester.As of now, she is undecided on a major. Miriam played volleyball and was part of the crew team during her years at Hanover High School. She also played violin in her high school orchestra and took private lessons as well. Miriam enjoyed taking art classes and she helped work on a mural for her high school's hallway.


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