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Tiffany Sanchez

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Tiffany Sanchez is a senior at Columbia University majoring in Environmental Biology. She spent her summer finding a biomarker which could relate exposure to manganese from drinking water to body uptake. Tiffany compared the concentration of manganese found in toenails from 300 children with known levels of exposure from drinking water, and also analyzed the amount of other heavy metals including arsenic, selenium, mercury, and lead. She refined her skills in basic lab techniques, such as how to micro-pipette. Tiffany also learned more advanced skills, including how to test samples using an Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS), and routine maintenance of the machine.


She has an interest in toxicology and is considering this field as her career path. She has worked as research and clerical assistants in labs and offices in Albuquerque, her hometown. She was directed to Dr. Graziano by Professor Brian Mailloux who informed her of Dr. Graziano's current arsenic research in Bangladesh.


Tiffany is part of an environmental biology club at Columbia. She loves to read books at cafes and discover gluten-free dining options in New York City. In her spare time she likes to go kayaking, camping, hiking, and canoeing.


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