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Katerina von Beroldingen

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Katerina is a senior at University of California, Santa Cruz majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology. This is Katerina's second research opportunity as she previously interned as an undergraduate summer research student for Dr. Robert Rice at the University of California-Davis Department of Environmental Toxicology. During her time at UC-Davis Katerina researched the effects of radical oxygen generators (arsenic and other reagents) on human epidermal cells treated in a low oxygen environment. She also looked at the possibility of protein dimerization of cytochrome c, a protein involved in apoptosis (controlled cell death), hypothetically caused by radical oxygen generated by arsenic. Katerine became proficient in running real time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and western blot analyses, and understanding the concepts behind the processes. "This experience continuously taught me many invaluable but basic laboratory skills, such as calculating the molarities of solutions for my experiments, keeping detailed daily notes of all aspects of my research, and perfecting the ability to obtain a logical conclusion from whatever data I found, even if the experiment was clearly unsuccessful. I consider all these skills necessary for a successful future in research," Katerina states about her experience.


During Katerina's first summer with Dr. Rice, she was assigned a project which involved observing the detrimental effects of arsenic on oxidative stress levels of human, mice, and rat epidermal cells. She initially learned cell culture techniques, and how to prepare and run real time PCR.


Outside of school, Katerina plays for the UC-Santa Cruz women's soccer team and enjoys drawing and painting when she gets the chance. Currently, Katerina is looking for a lab to work in at UC-Santa Cruz, and hopefully everything that she has learned from her experience will help her in her journey and with future endeavors as a biochemist.


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