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Katherine Ridenour

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Katherine Ridenour

Katherine Ridenour is a recent graduate of University of California-Davis with a Bachelor of Science in Cell Biology. Over the summer she spent her summer research experience exposing human embryonic kidney cells and mouse inner medullary collecting duct cells to TCS and TCC at environmentally relevant concentrations with different degrees of salinity to find how these toxins affect cellular ion transport, salinity acclimation, and programmed cell death. Katherine learned many laboratory techniques that may be helpful in the future, such as RNA extraction and purification, DNase treatment, cDNA synthesis, semi-quantitative PCR, real-time quantitative PCR, and agarose gel electrophoresis, growing cell cultures, and pipetting accurately. She also learned many cell culture techniques for mammalian cells, such as preparing solutions, passaging cells, observing cells and harvesting cells, and all the sterile techniques. Katherine also collected some tissue samples from fish; she learned how to sacrifice and dissect the fish as well as how to perform a gill perfusion. "Working in the lab this summer gave me much more knowledge and confidence in these skills, and I think that I am now much more open to doing research in the future." Katherine states about the summer research.


Starting in February, Katherine will be attending medical school at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia. She enjoys many different activities outside of school including reading, traveling, outdoor activities (camping, hiking, kayaking, etc), cooking, and dancing. Katherine was involved in a church group at Davis and spent time in bible studies or helping out there, "I look forward to joining another such group after I have moved to Adelaide," says Katherine.


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