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University of California - Merced

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Sequestration and Immobilization of Metal and Metalloid Contaminants in Sediments

Peggy O'Day

Grant Number: R01ES16201
Funding Period: 2008-2011
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Funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is accelerating the pace of Dr. Peggy O'Day's research at University of California- Merced. Dr. O'Day is conducting basic research into the use of reactive amendments and their application to filed sites as an alternative remediation technology for hazardous metal and metalloid contaminants of high priority in sediments at Superfund and other contaminated sites. Her approach is focused on developing a molecular-chemical understanding of element sequestration mechanisms as a result of in situ reaction between the amendment and contaminated sediments. This research is intended to fill gaps in basic research knowledge about the long-term fate of sediments and their sequestered containments in subaqueous and subsurface environments, which presently contributes to a lack of acceptance and use of this remediation approach. The supplement funds contribute to additional research that can be accomplished and will enable continued collaboration and translation of the projects' research. The supplemental funding is allowing for the purchase of instruments to improve measurement capabilities and sample throughput, which increases project productivity. Funding also supports opportunities to engage in new partnerships associated with current remediation work at a Superfund site. The partnership provides a field example on which to constrain experiments and models on mercury sequestration and capping technologies, which will help place the researchers' experimental studies in context and provide an opportunity to partner with EPA for future field tests.

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