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Accelerating the Pace of Science

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Individual research grantees (R01) were awarded supplemental funding to accelerate the pace of their research. Benefits of funding included the addition of new personnel, the purchase of new equipment, and the ability to more quickly meet the objectives of their projects.

Medical University of South Carolina
Integrating Microbial Biostimulation and Electrolytic Aeration to Degrade POPs
Program Director: Harold D. May
Funding Period: 2008-2011

Missouri University of Science and Technology
In-situ Sediment Remediation Using Benthic Waterjet Amendment
Program Director: Joel G. Burken
Funding Period: 2008-2011

University of California - Merced
Sequestration and Immobilization of Metal and Metalloid Contaminants in Sediments
Program Director: Peggy A. O'Day
Funding Period: 2008-2011

University of Maryland - Baltimore County
Pilot-scale Research of Novel Amendment Delivery for in situ Sediment Remediation
Program Director: Upal Ghosh
Funding Period: 2008-2011

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