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Tips for Applicants

Superfund Research Program

The following links provide information for Superfund Research Program Center (P42) applicants to assist in putting together the application.

Electronic Application Process

The SRP P42 is part of the multi-project application process facilitated by Application Submission System & Interface for Submission Tracking (ASSIST). ASSIST aids the applicant for the electronic preparation and submission of multi-project applications through to NIH. Applications to this FOA must be submitted electronically; paper applications will not be accepted. ASSIST replaces the downloadable forms currently used with most NIH opportunities and provides many features to enable electronic multi-project application submission and improve data quality, including: pre-population of organization and PD/PI data, pre-submission validation of many agency business rules and the generation of data summaries in the application image used for review.


Need help with ASSIST? Please visit the “ Preparing for Complex Multi-Project Applications  ” section on NIH’s “ Applying Electronically  ” webpage.


Applicants should also refer to the NIH Office of Extramural Research “ SF424 (R&R) Application and Electronic Submission Information  ” webpage for additional guidelines to prepare these complex multi-project/core applications

Other Attachments for RFA ES-14-001

Applicants should include, as part of the "Other Attachments" included with the overall component, the following items:


  • Center Organizational Structure. Applicants may include a diagram of the organizational structure of the Center. This diagram should demonstrate how the interactions between the different Center components achieve the mandate-driven goals of the Center. The diagram should be loaded as a file titled "Center Organizational Structure" under the "SF424 (R&R) Research & Related Other Project Information" under "Other Attachments." In this diagram, applicants should clearly indicate which projects are biomedical and which are environmental science research.
  • Tables for Overall Center:
    • Table of Research Support Core Utilization. In order to assist the reviewers in determining the relationship between the Research Support Cores and the Research Projects, a table should be provided that indicates the percentage use of each core relative to the individual projects. This table should be loaded as a file titled "Table of Research Support Core Utilization" under the "SF424 (R&R) Research & Related Other Project Information" under "Other Attachments."
    • Table of All Professional and Non-Professional Personnel. In order to aid in the review of the application, a tabular listing of all participating personnel should be prepared. List the Center Director (i.e., Program Director/Principal Investigator) first, followed by everyone else, in alphabetical order. This is to include everyone listed in the application, including collaborators who have submitted letters of support committing to fulfilling project/core aims. Information to be included in this table: name, role in Center and associated project (i.e., Project Leader, Co-Project Leader, Research Assistant, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Graduate Student, Technician, Consultant, etc.) and affiliation (department or collaborating institution as appropriate). External advisory members should be included only if they provided input in the design and preparation of the application. This table should be loaded as a file titled "Table of All Professional and Non-Professional Personnel" under the "SF424 (R&R) Research & Related Other Project Information" under "Other Attachments."
    • Table of Changes to Projects and Cores. To assist review of renewal/resubmission applications, include a table listing projects and core components (by project title and project/core leader) that denotes which projects are new, continuing, substantially modified, finished/completed, or discontinued. This table should coincide in order and number with the projects and cores in the current application. Also indicate which projects are considered to be biomedical research and which are considered environmental science and engineering research. It is recommended that projects/cores are numbered consecutively (i.e., numbering should not be skipped if a project from a previous funding period is discontinued in the renewal application). Please label in the following format: new = N; continuing = C; substantially modified = M; finished/completed = F; or discontinued = D. This table should be loaded as a file titled "Table of Changes to Projects and Cores" under the "SF424 (R&R) Research & Related Other Project Information" under "Other Attachments."
    • Table of Research Approaches In order to facilitate the identification of projects and cores, a table should be included indicating the use of human subjects, vertebrate animals, international collaborations, and stem cells. Please list all research projects and cores. This table should be loaded as a file titled "Table of Research Approaches" under the "SF424 (R&R) Research & Related Other Project Information" under "Other Attachments."
    • For examples of these tables, please see the following document: Examples of Tables for RFA-ES-14-001 (139KB)

Frequently Asked Questions

SRP staff will gather and post FAQs throughout the duration of the release of RFA ES-14-001 until the application due date April 10, 2014. Please check here for updates.


Note: P42 Funding Opportunities Webpage contains links to “ Suggested Research Topics (51KB) ” and “Additional Resources” for assisting P42 applicants in developing robust and relevant research projects and core activities.

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