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Exposure Biology Program

Technologies for Generating Precise Measures of Biological Response to Environmental Exposures

Fundamental to the NIEHS mission is the ability to quantify an individual's exposure, as well as the unique characteristics that account for individualized responses to the exposures. The goal for improved exposure assessment is to develop new technology and assays to generate precise measurements of human exposure to multiple chemical and biological agents and other modifying factors that may lead to disease or dysfunction.  The desired application of these technologies and assays, including tools that provide individual exposure metrics either at the point of contact or through measuring internal dose of environmental agents, is in population-based (epidemiological) or clinical research and practice. It is anticipated that the new technologies and assays, such as those based on micro- and nanotechnology and molecular imaging, may provide sensitive, high-throughput, and potentially portable systems capable of measuring exposure to environmental agents and the impact of the exposures on human biology.

Exposure Biology Program Topics:

The NIEHS contact person is:

Daniel Shaughnessy, Ph.D.
Health Scientist Administrator
Tel (919) 541-2506
Fax (919) 316-4606

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