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Current Outstanding New Environmental Scientists (ONES)

Institution Name Title
Rutgers University, New Brunswick Lauren Aleksunes Disposition of environmental chemicals during pregnancy
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Neel Aluru Role of de novo DNMTs in toxicant induced alterations in DNA methylation
University of Pittsburgh Kara Bernstein Replication fork dynamics and repair by Rad51 paralogues after DNA alkylation
University of Iowa A. Brent Carter Asbestosis is regulated by Rac1-mediated mitochondrial H2O2 levels
Brown University Sarah Delaney Inflammation as a mediator of dynamic DNA mutations
Purdue University Ulrike Dydak Neuroimaging for early diagnosis of manganese toxicity
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Rebecca Fry In utero exposure to arsenic, links to epigenetic alterations and disease
Oregon State University Stacey Harper Integrative studies to define drivers of nanomaterial toxicity
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Samir Kelada Gene-environment interactions with ozone in experimental asthma
University of Southern California William Mack Neurotoxicity of Airborne particles: role of chronic cerebral hypoperfusion
Duke University Joel Meyer The role of mitochondrial damage in neurodegeneration
University of Washington Mechanisms of hydrogen-sulfide effects on the epigenetic landscape Dana Miller
Northwestern University Gokhan Mutlu Mechanisms of airborne particulate matter induced thrombosis
University of Chicago Brandon Pierce A study of telomeres in an arsenic-exposed Bangladesh cohort
University of Utah Christy Porucznik Peri-conceptional biomonitoring
University of Georgia Kun Lu Functional Interaction between the gut microbiome and arsenic exposure
Brigham and Women's Hospital Vishal Vaidya Fibrinogen signaling in kidney tissue repair
University of Arizona Donna Zhang The protective role of Nrf2 against arsenic-induced toxicity and carcinogenicity

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