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Your Environment. Your Health.

Selected Publications

Environmental Justice & Community-Based Participatory Research

  1. Nail Salon Health and Safety Calendar Format: calendar Date: November 2005
  2. Brody, J.G., J. Tickner, R.A. Rudel. In-Press. Community-Initiated Breast Cancer And Environment Studies And The Precautionary Principle. Environmental Health Perspectives, 133(8), 920-925. Format: journal article Date: August 2005
  3. Breast Cancer Resources for Women of Color Format: handout Date: March 2005
  4. Breast Cancer Advocacy and Environmental Justice Format: poster Date: March 2005
  5. Breast Cancer and Environmental Justice: What's the Connection? - The Watchdog - Communities for a Better Environment's newsletter. Format: newsletter article Date: 2006
  6. Linking Breast Cancer Advocacy and Environmental Justice Format: poster Date: September 2005
  7. Findings of the Cape Cod Breast Cancer and Environment Study Format: report/booklet Date: July 2006
  8. Massachusetts Health and Environment Information System Format: Interactive web mapping tool Date: June 2006
  9. What matters to communities? Using community-based participatory research to ask and answer questions regarding the environment and health. Environmental Health Perspectives. Format: Journal Date: March 2005
  10. Addressing the childhood asthma crisis in Harlem: The Harlem Children's Zone Asthma Initiative. American Journal of Public Health, 95, 245-249. Format: Journal Date: February 2005
  11. Improving childhood asthma through community-based service delivery: The Harlem Children's Zone Asthma Initiative. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, 54, 11-14. Format: Journal Date: January 2005
  12. Harlem Children's Zone: A Look Inside The Harlem Children's Zone Asthma Initiative Format: Organizational Publication Date: June 2005
  13. Harlem Overheard Story Format: Youth-produced newspaper Date: May 2005
  14. Team HCZ Format: Organizational newsletter Date: April 2005
  15. Interdisciplinary planning for healthier communities: findings from the Harlem Children's Zone Asthma Initiative. Journal of the American Planning Association, Winter 2006, 72(1), 100-108. Format: Journal Date: Winter 2006
  16. Childhood Asthma and Extreme Values of Body Mass Index: The Harlem Children's Zone Asthma Initiative. Journal of Urban Health, May/June 2006 Format: Journal Date: May/June 2006
  17. Ross, L. and Downs, T. (2006) University-Community Partnerships to Promote Environmental Health and Justice in Worcester, Massachusetts. Scholarship in Action: Applied Research and Community Change HUD Office of University Partnerships. Format: Journal article Date: 2006
  18. Lowe, C., L. Ross, and T. Downs. Overcoming the Challenges and Harnessing the Benefits of University-Community Collaboration: Addressing Environmental Justice in Worcester, Massachusetts Built Environment. Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement Format: Journal article Date: Submitted 9/06
  19. Submitted a chapter in a forthcoming book, entitled Effective Practice of Adult-Youth Engagement in Social and Environmental Justice. Working title: Levels of Youth-Adult Partnership in a Participatory Community Planning Process: Developing Parks, Reducing Blight, and Creating Open Space in an Urban Built Environment. Co-authors: L. Ross, A. Tejani, T. Downs, and C. Lowe. Edited by Warren Linds, Ali Sammel, Linda Goulet. Format: Chapter in book Date: Forthcoming
  20. Emmett EA, Shofer FS, Zhang H,Freeman D, Desai, C, Shaw LM. Community Exposure to perfluoroctanoate: relationships between serum concentrations and exposure sources. J Occup & Environ Med.46: 759-770, 2006 (Peer-reviewed article awarded fast-track status) Format: Journal Article Date: August 2006
  21. Emmett EA, Shofer FS, Zhang H, Freeman D, Rodway NV, Desai C, Shaw LM. Community Exposure to perfluorooctanoate: relationships between serum levels and certain health effects. J Occup & Environ Med.46: 771-779, 2006 (Peer-reviewed article awarded fast-track status) Format: Journal Article Date: August 2006
  22. Penn Study finds significantly elevated C8 levels among studied population groups in Southeastern Ohio Water is identified as the major source as the major source of contamination Format: Press Release Date: July 2005
  23. New study finds levels of chemical up in people using water. Article in Marietta, Ohio Times Study says humans ingest C8 chemical through drinking water. Article in Charleston WV Daily Mail
  24. Ohioans found full of C8 near DuPont plant Article in Columbus Dispatch and various other newspaper other articles Format: Newspaper(s) Date: July 2005
  25. Chemicals: Ohio residents near DuPont Plant have high C8 levels --Study. Dow Jones & Reuters, Greenwire Factiva Results Released for Blood Tests on C8. Parkersburg on the Web and various other news reports Format: News Reports Date: July 2005
  26. Group to give results of C8 study: new data on chemicals health effects unveiled at public meeting. Article in the Marietta Times Format: Newspaper Date: August 2005
  27. Summary of Community C8 study ( Warren High School Auditorium, August 15, 2005
  28. Public meeting ( approximately 400 attendees, printed summary of results and reccomendation, with summary and presentation slides on study website Format: Public Summary Date: August 2005
  29. University of Pennsylvania C8 Study Recoomendations Presented to Little Hocking Customers, Article in the Marietta Times
  30. Study:C8 not directly linked to health issues, Parkersburg News and Sentinel
  31. So far so Good. Article in Columbus Dispatch Study: Avoid drinking water containg C8. Athens Messenger
  32. Government PFOA study finds no harmful effects but...Plastics News and various other newpaper articles Format: Newspapers Date: August 2005
  33. DuPont agrees to finance bottled water program for LHWA Service area. Press release from Little Hocking Water Association Inc.
  34. DuPont to provide alternate drinking water to 12,000 Athens Messenger
  35. Water reimbursement immediately available. Parkersburg News & Sentinel and other articles in newspapers Format: Newspapers Date: August 2005
  36. Quarterly community newsletters to all Little Hocking water service district residents, from the commencement of the study. These letters also contain the items discussed at quarterly meeting of the Community Advisory Committee, study results and our recommendations.
  37. Newsletters are also posted on the study website. Format: Newsletters Date: Quarterly
  38. Abstract and Poster presentation EPA Science Forum 2006 Commuity exposure to perfluorooctaoate: sources of exposure and health effects. Awarded first place prize (of over 220 presemtations) Format: Abstract, poster Date: May 2006
  39. Goldman, L., Eskenazi, B., Bradman, A., Jewell, N. Risk behaviors of pesticide exposure among pregnant farmworkers in Salinas, California. American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 2004 Jun; 45(6):491-9.
  40. Bradman, A. Salvatore, A., Boeniger, M., Castorina, R., Synder, J., Barr, D.B., Kavanagh-Baird, G., Eskenazi, B. Field Intervention to Reduce Pesticide Exposures to Farmworkers and Potential Take-Home Exposures to their Families in Monterey County, CA. In preparation.
  41. Salvatore, A, Bradman, A., Boeniger, M., Barr, D.B., Camacho, J., Vargas, A., López, J., Eskenazi, B. Occupational Pesticide Prevention Behaviors and Organophosphate Pesticide Exposures among Farmworkers. In preparation.
  42. Recursos en Nuestra Comunidad/Resources in Our Community (2003) (Spanish/English)
  43. ¡Protéjase de los Pesticidas!/Protect Yourself from Pesticides! (2003) (Spanish/English)
  44. Que Hacer Con Ropa de Trabajo/ What to do with Work Clothes (2003) (Spanish/English)
  45. CHAMACOS Technical Intervention Field Education Guide (2003) (Spanish/English)
  46. CHAMACOS Technical Intervention Educational Flip Chart (2003) (Spanish/English)
  47. ¡Participe en el estudio CHAMACOS!/Participate in the CHAMACOS Study! (2003) (Spanish/English)
  48. CHAMACOS Home Education Intervention Field Education Guide (2004) (Spanish/English)
  49. CHAMACOS Home Education Intervention Flip Chart (2004) (Spanish/English)
  50. Household Action Plan & Pesticide Prevention Step Stickers (2004) (Spanish/English)
  51. Protegiendo su Hogar de los Pesticidas: Folleto 1/Protecting your Home from Pesticides: Handout 1(2004) (Spanish/English)
  52. Protegiendo su Hogar de los Pesticidas: Folleto 2/Protecting your Home from Pesticides: Handout 2 (2004) (Spanish/English)
  53. Alternativas de Pesticidas en Casa y Jardin/ Alternatives to Pesticides for your Home & Garden (2004) (Spanish/English)
  54. Students Seek Food That ' Fresh, Not Fast Format: newspaper article Date: March 10, 2005
  55. Healthy School Food Policies: A Checklist Format: UEPI Working Paper Date: June 2005
  56. Robert Gottlieb, Mark Vallianatos, and Margaret Masch, Farm to School: Strategies for Urban Health, Combating Sprawl, and Establishing a Community Food Systems Approach, Journal of Planning Education and Research, Summer 2004, Vol. 23, No. 4. Format: journal article Date: Summer 2004
  58. Peas in our time : South-central bulldozing suggests we need more planning for community gardens. Robert Gottlieb. LA Times. June 25, 2006. Format: newspaper op-ed Date: June 25, 2006
  59. Let a thousand habaneros bloom. Robert Gottlieb. Los Angeles Times. Oct 2, 2005. Format: newspaper op-ed Date: October 2, 2005
  60. Farm to School and Walking and Biking on the Freeway: Reframing the Connections Between Food, Transportation, Health, and the Environment, Keynote Presentation, Healthy Communities by Design conference and tri-county summit, Salinas, California, May 1, 2006 Format: presentation Date: May 1, 2006
  61. Shaffer A, Vallianatos M, Azuma AM and R Gottlieb. Changing the Food Environment: Community Engagement Strategies and Place-Based Policy Tools that Address the Influence of Marketing. Loyola Law Review. 39(1): 2006. Format: journal article Date: 2006
  62. Righting a Century's Wrongs: Environmental Justice on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation. The 2005 GWS George Wright Society Conference, Philadelphia PA. Format: Abstract (accepted as a Poster) Date: 10/13/04
  63. Environmental justice on Cheyenne River. The 2005 Annual American Public Health Association Conference Format: Abstract (accepted for verbal presentation) Date: 04/15/05
  64. Lewis, Johnnye L. Briefing on Status of Uranium Research on Navajo Nation Prepared by request of Joe Shirley, President, Navajo Nation Format: Report Date: Feb 2005
  65. Sesschillie, Bess; Manning, Thomas; Elwood, Jerry; Adeky, Sarah. Briefing to Chapters Powerpoint presentation to update participating chapters on project status Format: Presentation Date: May 2005
  66. Lewis, Johnnye L.; Chris Shuey; Edward Carlisle; Thomas Manning . Environmental Health Capacity Building in the Eastern Agency on the Navajo Nation. in Disparities in Vulnerable Populations: Responses in Home, School, and Community Settings, American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Washington DC, Nov 2004
  67. Poster presented by 4 Navajo Community members, SRIC and UNM staff, All participants also helped to staff NIEHS COEP booth at the meeting Format: Poster Presentation Date: Nov 2004
  68. Lewis, J. Science/Community Partners: Building Capacity & Resolving Environmental Injustice. oral presentation in symposium Format: Invited Oral Presentation Date: Jan 2005
  69. Water, Land Use, and Health Survey Instrument in English and Navajo Also being utilized in part to identify water-use patterns by the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Format: Survey Instrument Date: June 2005
  70. Lewis, Johnnye L.; Manning, Thomas; Sesschillie, Bess; Elwood, Jerry; Shuey, Chris; and Adeky, Sarah. DiNEH Project: Diné Network for Environmental Health. Oral presentation to Navajo Nation Human Research Review Board Annual Research Conference, Window Rock, AZ, June 2005 Format: Oral Presentation Date: June 2005
  71. Manning, Thomas; Shuey, Chris; Lewis, Johnnye. DiNEH Project: Diné Network for Environmental Health. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Annual Environmental Justice Grantees Meeting, Albuquerque, NM. June 2004 Format: Poster Presentation Date: June 2004
  72. Carpenter, D.O., A.P. DeCaprio, D. O Hehir, F. Akhtar, G. Johnson, R. Scrudato, L. Apatiki, J. Kava, J. Gologergen, P.K. Miller, L. Eckstein. 2005. Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Serum of the Siberian Yupik People from St. Lawrence Island, Alaska. International Journal of Circumpolar Health 64(4):322-335. Format: Publication Date: 2005
  73. Formerly Used Defense Sites in the Norton Sound Region: Location, History of Use, Contaminants Present, and Status of Cleanup Efforts (July 2006) Format: Publication Date: July 2006
  74. Report to the Community Format: hard copy Date: May 2005
  75. Report back to the Bernalillo County-Albuquerque Air Quality Control Board from the Mountain View Air Quality Team Format: hard copy Date: May 2005
  76. Community Profiles for Mountain View, Pajarito Mesa, Los Padillas and Armijo. Format: hard copy Date: On-going
  77. Development of a fact-sheet on illegal dumping Format: hard copy Date: On-going
  78. Neighborhood Environmental College course 1, Format: looseleaf binder and pdf file Date: projected: October 2006
  79. Neighborhood Environmental College course 2, Format: looseleaf folder and pdf file Date: projected November 2007
  80. Neighborhood Environmental College course 2, Format: looseleaf folder and pdf file Date: projected December 2007
  81. Our Dream, My Reality Format: DVD Date: 2006
  82. Saúde e Segurança do Trabalho do Brasileiro em Massachusetts: A Experiência do Projeto Parceria Travessia, 55, 2006. Format: journal article Date: 2006
  83. Projeto Parceria: Justiça Ambiental para o Trabalhador Brasileiro em Massachusetts. Presented at the VIII Brazilian Congress on Collective Health, Brasília, D.F., Brazil. Published in CD with proceedings of Congress. Format: poster Date: 2006
  84. Teens Affected by Workplace Violence Format: report Date: 2005
  85. Carlos Eduardo Siqueira: Work Environment Justice Partnership for Brazilian Immigrant Workers in Massachusetts. Giving Voice to a Nascent Community: Exploring Immigration to the U.S through Research and Practice. The David Rockfeller Center for Latin American Studies Working Papers in Latin America, No 04-05/2, 2004. Format: abstract Date: 2004
  86. Maantay JA. Format: Academic Journal Date: August 2006
  87. Maantay JA. Format: Academic Meeting Proceedings Date: February 2006
  88. Maantay JA. Format: Academic Meeting Proceedings Date: March 2006
  89. Maantay J, Ziegler, J. GIS for the Urban Environment. Redlands, CA: Environmental Systems
  90. Research Institute Press, August 2006 Format: Textbook Date: August 2006
  91. Markowitz M, Sinnett M, Rosen JF. Format: Academic Journal Date: 2004
  92. Mercado R, Strelnick AH. Format: Monograph Date: July 2004
  93. Ozuah PO, Lesser MS, Woods JS, Choi H, Markowitz M. Format: Academic Journal Date: Jan-Feb 2003
  94. Ozuah PO, Leyva M, Sharif I. Format: Academic Journal Date: Jan-Feb 2005
  95. Reznik M, Sharif I, Ozuah PO. Format: Academic Journal Date: Dec 2004
  96. Snow RE, Larkin M, Kimbal S, Iheagwara K, Ozuah PO. Format: Academic Journal Date: Feb 2005
  97. Maduro G, Muir F, Pyle L, Strelnick H. Format: Neighborhood Newspaper Date: June 2005
  98. Carlton EJ, Moats HL, Feinberg M, Shepard P, Garfinkel R, Whyatt R, Evans D. Format: Academic journal Date: 2004
  99. Baker, C Format: Journal Date: 2002
  100. Jones, D. Format: Journal Date: 2002
  101. Brown, M.K.;Sullivan, Maureen; Jones, Donna; Childress, Pam; Grote, JoAnn. Lower Price Hill Women's Health Survey. A Panel Presentation to the Appalachian Studies Conference at Sinclair College in Dayton, Ohio. Format: Presentation Date: 2005
  102. Environmental Leadership Group In-home Lead Education Program Curriculum and Guide Format: Study Guide Date: 2003
  103. Obermiller, P. and Brown, M.K. Appalachian Health Status in Greater Cincinnati: A Research Overview. UAC Working Paper #18, February, Format: Research Paper Date: 2002
  104. Environmental Leadership Group, Protect Your Home and Family from Lead Format: Brochure Date: 2003
  105. Students' Writing on Environmental Issues: Volumes I and II Format: Booklet Date: 2002, 2003
  106. Environmental Leadership Group, How to File an Odor Complaint. A pamphlet adapted from a publication of the Hamilton County Department of Environmental Services Format: Pamphlet Date: 2001
  107. Environmental Leadership Group, Facts and Concerns about Asthma Triggers Format: Brochure Date: 2001
  108. Environmental Leadership Group, Our Kids' Health survey (Justice or Just Us?) Format: Booklet Date: 2001
  109. Zorn, Deborah; Brown, Kathryn; Handy, Walter; Sullivan, Maureen. Collaborative Evaluation, a paper to be presented at the American Evaluation Association in Toronto in October, Format: Paper Date: 2005
  110. Sullivan, Maureen; Jones, Donna; Colwell, Linda. Presentation to the Appalachian Womens Conference on Lower Price Hill Women's Health Survey: From Planning to Results. Format: Presentation Date: 2005
  111. Project Coal: Communities organized against Asthma and Lead was prepared with sections in English and Spanish to explain the goals and design of Project COAL. It was presented at the EJ/CBPR meeting in Albuquerque and at the NIEHS Center Directors Meeting in Research Triangle Park, NC Format: Poster Date: June 2004
  112. Project Coal: Communities organized against Asthma and Lead was prepared with sections in English and Spanish to explain the goals and design of Project COAL. It was presented at the EJ/CBPR meeting in Albuquerque and at the NIEHS Center Directors Meeting in Research Triangle Park, NC Format: Poster Date: October 2004
  113. Evaluating Transformative Effects of Participation in Theatre of the Oppressed (TO): An Analytic Process Using Grounded Theory Procedures. Pedagogy & Theatre of the Oppressed Conference / Los Angeles CA May, 2005. Format: Presentation Date: May 2005
  114. A poster presentation of project COAL was made at the annual EJ/CBR grantee meeting in Talkeetna, AK. Format: Poster Date: September 2005
  115. A poster presentation of the project will be made at the grantee meeting in Research Triangle Park, NC. In addition, a presentation of the project with emphasis in the significance of the role of the community partner will be presented as part of a panel discussion at the meeting. Format: Presentation Date: October 2006
  116. A presentation about Project COAL will be made at the American Public Health Association meeting in Boston Format: Presentation Date: November 2006
  117. A seminar describing the project and its results will be made for the NIEHS Center at the University of Texas Medical Branch in October, 2006. Format: Presentation Date: October 2006
  118. A seminar describing the project and its results will be made for the NIEHS Center at the University of Texas Medical Branch in October, 2006.
  119. Research as a pretext for action: using Theatre of the Oppressed to anchor & integrate community-based research collaborations
  120. John Sullivan- Sealy Center for Environmental Health & Medicine (NIEHS) @ UTMB /Galveston TX
  121. Maria Murillo- de Madres a Madres; Project COAL (Communities Organized Against Asthma & Lead / Comunidades organizadas conta la asma y el plomo); coordinator / co-facilitator: El Teatro Lucha por la Salud del Barrio
  122. Bryan Parras- TEJAS: Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Service; Nuestra Palabra: Latino Writers Having Their Say; member: El Teatro Lucha por la Salud del Barrio. 12th Annual International Conference on Pedagogy & Theatre of the Oppressed. Chapel Hill, NC Format: Presentation Date: May, 2006
  123. Burden of Disease fact sheet for health care providers, produced by Nancy Bryant Wallis of Family Health Centers of San Diego, ulitizing information on the respiratory health burden attributable to particulate pollution in the Logan community, developed by Dr. Rob McConnell of SCEHSC, with layout and production by SCEHSC. Format: Hard copy Date: Spring, 2005
  124. SALTA (Salud Ambiental, Latinas Tomando Accion) curriculum on land use for the National City community, using a promotora model of popular education. Format: Hard copy Date: Spring, 2005
  125. Barrio Logan Vision map and land use principles, developed to express the community's vision for its future, incorporating environmental health concerns and responding to the community's needs for affordable housing, more park space, and better air quality. The map is reproduced in Environmental Health Perspectives, Vol. 113, Number 5, May 2005, p.A-314. Format: Hard copy, electronic Date: Fall, 2004.

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