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Diet and Physical Activity

Exposure Biology Program

Research projects for the Diet and Physical Activity Program have worked to refine or improve the assessment of diet and physical activity, including contributions from dietary supplements and physical activity. Small-scale validation studies have been included in each project.  Developing systems that are reliable and valid, have low respondent burden, and are economically feasible for use in population studies has been the goal of each project.  These devices are applicable within general populations and subgroups based on gender, cultural, and socio-economic diversity, literacy level, and age and are useful in large scale population studies.  In the Diet and Physical Activity program, special attention has been given to objective methods using motion or physiologic sensors, monitors, imaging methods, cellular telephone and wireless technologies, as well as bioinformatics tools and database solutions.


Project TitlePrincipal InvestigatorInstitution
Food Intake Recording Software System: Version 4Tom BaranowskiBaylor College of Medicine
Enabling Population-Scale Physical Activity Measurement on Common Mobile PhonesStephen S. IntilleMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Improving Dietary Assessment Methods Using the Cell Phone and Digital ImagingCarol Jo BousheyPerdue University West LaFayette
A Tool for Geospatial Analysis of Physical ActivityKevin PatrickUniversity of California San Diego
Development of an Integrated Measurement System to Assess Physical ActivityPatty S. FreedsonUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
A Unified Sensor System for Ubiquitous Assessment of Diet and Physical ActivityMingui SunUniversity of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh
Mobile Food Intake Visualization and Voice Recognize (FIVR)Rick WeissViocare, Inc.

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