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Genome Integrity & Environmental Stress Grantees

Susceptibility & Population Health Branch

Name Institution Lead Scientist
Role of DNA Polymerase eta in Error-free Bypass of DNA Lesions & Cancer Prevention Mount Sinai School of Medicine  Aneel Aggarwal
Role of Human DNA Polymerase iota in Replicative Bypass of DNA lesions Mount Sinai School of Medicine  Aneel Aggarwal
Mechanisms of Environmental and Nuclear and Mitochondrial Mutagenesis Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center  Jason Bielas
Linkage of Lung Inflammation to 8-oxoguanine and OGG1 University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston  Istvan Boldogh
High Throughput Technology for Assessing Global DSB Repair Capacity Columbia University Health Sciences  David Brenner
Regulation of the DNA damage Response Stanford University  Karlene Cimprich
Novel Interactions of DNA Repair Processes in Replication Fork Maintenance University of California-Lawrence Berkeley Lab  Priscilla Cooper
Mechanisms of DNA Replication and Repair Vanderbilt University  David Cortez
R15 AREA: Replication in the Presence of Oxidative DNA damage Portland State University  Justin Courcelle
Inflammation as a Mediator of Dynamic DNA Mutations Brown University  Sarah Delaney
Molecular Mechanisms of Nitroarene Toxicity State University New York Stony Brook  Carlos de los Santos
Cellular Responses to Oxidative Stress in Models of Colon Cancer Development Emory University  Paul Doetsch
CometChip: Enabling Translation of DNA Damage and Repair Assays Massachusetts Institute of Technology  Bevin Engelward
Cross-Links at Abasic Sites in Duplex DNA University of Missouri-Columbia  Kent Gates
Hypoxia, Genetic Instability and DNA Mismatch Repair Yale University  Peter Glazer
SWI/SNF Chromatin Remodeling in Nucleotide Excision Repair University of Miami School of Medicine  Feng Gong
Biochemical Basis of SOS-Induced Mutagenesis University of Southern California  Myron Goodman
Nucleoprotein Structures Formed at Sites of DNA Damage University of North Carolina Chapel Hill  Jack Griffith
Polymerase Interactions with Carcinogen-Modified DNA Vanderbilt University  F. Peter Guengerich
Oxidative DNA Damage Processing; Role in Human Pathology and Aging Stanford University  Philip Hanawalt
Cytoplasmic Damage and Genotoxicity Columbia University Health Sciences  Tom Hei
Suppressors of Eukaryotic Mutator Phenotypes University of Washington  Alan Herr
Repair of Inflammation-Induced DNA damage University of Texas, Austin  Seongmin Lee
The Role of Human DNA Polymerase eta in the Mutagenic Response to Oxidative Stress North Carolina State University, Raleigh  Scott McCulloch
Mechanism of Mammalian Trans-lesion DNA Synthesis State University New York Stony Brook  Masaaki Moriya
Mechanisms of Telomeric DNA Loss and Repair University of Pittsburgh  Patricia Opresko
UV Damage, Repair, and Mutagenesis City of Hope/Beckman Research Institute  Gerd Pfeifer
Role of Rev1 in Error-Free Replication of DNA Damage and in Mutation Prevention University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston  Satya Prakash
Roles of Human DNA Polymearse Epsilon in Mutagenesis and Genome Stability Tulane University of Louisiana  Zachary Pursell
Synthesis, Structure and Replication of Carcinogen-Modified Oligonucleotides Vanderbilt University  Carmelo Rizzo
Developing Novel Methods to Measure DNA Repair Capacity in Human Populations Massachusetts Institute of Technology  Leona Samson
Oxidative Pathways of Guanine in DNA New York University  Vladimir Shafirovich
Effects of Environmental Contamination on Gene Copy Number Variation: Molecular B Indiana University Bloomington  Joseph Shaw
Translesion Synthesis DNA Polymerases and Genome Instability University of Nebraska Medical Center  Polina Shcherbakova
Genetic Defects in a Novel Radiation Sensitive Syndrome Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey  Zhiyuan Shen
DNA Repair In A Hormone Responsive Gene Washington State University  Michael Smerdon
Repair of Carcinogen Damaged DNA in Human Chromatin Washington State University  Michael Smerdon
DNA Repair Genes and Proteins of the RAD52 Group Yale University  Patrick Sung
Homology-directed Chromosome Damage Repair via the BRCA2-PALB2 Axis Yale University  Patrick Sung
DNA Polymerase Beta Variants and Cancer Yale University  Joann Sweasy
DNA Damage Recognition by Nucleotide Excision Repair Proteins University of Pittsburgh  Bennett Van Houten
Mechanism of Eukaryotic Environmental Mutagenesis Massachusetts Institute of Technology  Graham Walker
DNA Damage Responses Following Genotoxin Exposure Ohio State University  Altaf Wani
Cross-Talking Pre-incision Events of Eukaryotic NER Ohio State University  Altaf Wani
High Throughput Assessment of De Novo CNV Formation in Eukaryotic Cells University of Michigan  Thomas Wilson
Genotoxicity of Chromium Compounds Brown University  Anatoly Zhitkovich

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