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Environmental Health Sciences Core Centers Grantees

Lead Scientist Institution Name

Joseph Beckman

Oregon State University

Reducing Susceptibility to Environmental Stress Throughout the Life Span

Max Costa

New York University School of Medicine

Research in Environmental Health Sciences

Douglas Dockery

Harvard University School of Public Health

HSPH-NIEHS Center for Environmental Health

David Eaton

University of Washington

Center for Ecogenetics and Environmental Health

Cornelius Elferink

University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Cellular Response Mechanisms to Environmental Challenge

Thomas Gasiewicz

University of Rochester

Environmental Agents as Modulators of Disease Processes

Frank Gilliland

University of Southern California

Environmental Exposures, Host Factors and Human Disease

John Groopman

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins Center in Urban Environmental Health

Michael Aschner

Vanderbilt University

Center in Molecular Toxicology

Shuk-mei Ho

University of Cincinnati

Center for Environmental Genetics

Howard Hu

University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Lifestage Exposures and Adult Disease

David Johnson

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Mechanisms and Prevention of Environmental Disease

Serrine Lau

University of Arizona

Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center

Gary W. Miller Emory University HERCULES - Health and Exposome Research Center: 
Understanding Lifetime 

Trevor Penning

University of Pennsylvania

Center of Excellence in Environmental Toxicology

David Petering

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Children's Environmental Health Sciences Core Center

John Essigman

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT Center for Environmental Health Sciences

Regina Santella

Columbia University Health Sciences

Center for Environmental Health in Northern Manhattan

James Swenberg

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

UNC-CH Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility

Peter Thorne

University of Iowa

Environmental Health Sciences Research Center

Helmut Zarbl

Rutgers Center for Environmental Exposures and Disease (CEED)

Research Center in Environmental Health Science

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