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Your Environment. Your Health.

Hazardous Substances Research Branch (HSRB)

William Suk, Ph.D.
William Suk, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Branch Chief
Tel (919) 541-0797
Fax (919) 316-4606
PO Box 12233
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
Office located in: Keystone Office Bldg.
530 Davis Drive
Morrisville, NC 27560

About HSRB

  • Biomedical and environmental science/engineering research to address consequences associated with hazardous substances in the environment.
  • Supports all activities of the Superfund Hazardous Substances Basic Research and Training Program.
  • In 2012, with the help of our stakeholders, NIEHS completed a new strategic plan that identified the institute’s priority research areas through 2017. The HSRB goals align broadly with most of the Strategic Goals especially Goal 4 (Combined Exposures).

Associated Programs


Danielle Carlin, Ph.D.
Danielle Carlin, Ph.D., D.A.B.T.
Health Scientist Administrator

Tel (919) 541-1409
Fax (919) 541-2843
Heather F. Henry, Ph.D.
Heather F. Henry, Ph.D.
Health Scientist Administrator

Tel (919) 541-5330
Fax (919) 316-4606
Michelle Heacock, Ph.D.
Michelle Heacock, Ph.D.
Health Scientist Administrator

Tel (919) 541-7824
Fax (919) 541-4937
Beth Anderson
Beth Anderson, M.A.L.S.
Program Analyst – Superfund Research Program

Tel (919) 541-4481
Fax (919) 316-4606
Not Pictured
Rosemary Moody
Extramural Support Assistant

Tel (919) 316-4730

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