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Public Health

American Public Health Association—Public Health Links 


Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) - CDC 

The CDC's Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System monitors modifiable behaviors that have negative health consequences. The information is gathered through telephone surveys and can be displayed by category of behavior, by state, or as a map.


Epidemiology Virtual Library Page 

Epidemiology topics from the hospital, computing, molecular, behavioral, environmental and nutritional perspectives. Also includes links to government agencies, universities, newsgroups and professional societies.


Public Health Resources on the Net 

Various resources in the public health arena, organized by the Public Health Library at the University of California at Berkeley.


Toxins and Disease 

The Collaborative on Health and the Environment Toxicant and Disease Database is a searchable database that summarizes links between chemical contaminants and approximately 180 human diseases or conditions.


World Health News 

Online news digest published by the Harvard School of Public Health, offering a combination of original reporting and a digest of news stories and commentaries on pressing issues in public health from world-wide newspapers and magazines.

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