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  •  [PDF(378KB)]

    Society for International Development
    Washington, DC
    March 5, 2008

  • Climate Change and Health(4MB)

    National Center for Atmospheric Research
    NIEHS Campus
    Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
    February 27, 2003


  • Tackling Climate Change: the Good News

    This video is based on a 2009 Lancet article series on the health co-benefits of climate mitigation. This research was co-funded by the Wellcome Trust, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and the NIEHS.

Effects of Climate Change on Children's Health: Session One: Thermal Extremes

MODERATOR: Marcus Sarofim, EPA

Lyndsay Ammon Avalos, Kaiser Permanente Division of Research
• The Impact of Apparent Temperature on Preterm Birth

Julia Gohlke, University of Alabama at Birmingham
• Heat Exposure and Adverse Birth Outcomes across Urban and Rural Environments

Stefanie Sarnat, Emory University
• Warm Season Temperatures and Pediatric Emergency Department Visits in Atlanta, Georgia

Perry Sheffield, Mount Sinai Medical Center
• Thermal Extremes and Children Under a Changing Climate

Effects of Climate Change on Children's Health

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