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Structural Biology Laboratory

Core Facilities and Research Support Groups

The Laboratory of Structural Biology maintains the following core facilities and research support groups at NIEHS.


Core Facilities

  • Protein Expression Core Facility
    The Protein Expression Core Facility assists NIEHS investigators with their protein expression requirements. The facility is located in Room F-145. Robert M. Petrovich, Ph.D., heads the facility.
  • Protein Microcharacterization Core Facility
    The Protein Microcharacterization Core Facility supports intramural research projects through cutting-edge mass spectrometry services, including protein identification and characterization of post-translational protein modifications. The facility is located in room F-012. Jason Williams, Ph.D., heads the facility.


Support Groups

  • Collaborative X-ray Crystallography Group. This support group contains instruments necessary for structural determinations using x-ray crystallography. Investigators with the necessary expertise may access this equipment for their own research. It is located on the third floor of the F module in Building 101. Lars Pedersen, Ph.D., heads the group.
  • Computational Chemistry/Molecular Modeling Support Group. This support group assists investigators with structural alignments, docking, modeling, energetics, and graphics visualizations. It is headed by Lalith Perera, Ph.D.
  • Collaborative Mass Spectrometry Support Group. This support function specializes in characterizing proteins, quantifying changes in protein abundance in cells and animals upon exposure to external factors, and identifying and quantifying small molecules. It is headed by Leesa Deterding, Ph.D.

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LSB Awardees

Several LSB researchers received awards at the 2011 NIEHS Intramural Science Day. Please see the winners on the LSB Awardees page.

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LSB Calendar of Events

Structural Biology Laboratory

Upcoming Events

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