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Structural Biology Laboratory

The mission of the Laboratory of Structural Biology (LSB) is to provide insights into biological processes that modulate the effects of environmental exposures on human health. To accomplish this, the LSB investigates the following topics:

  • The relationship between the atomic level structures of macromolecules and their biochemical properties
  • The abilities of macromolecules to interact with substrates and other molecules, including those of environmental concern
  • The functions of macromolecules in vivo

The research performed by LSB members requires an integrated approach wherein X-ray crystallography, nuclear magnetic resonance, mass spectrometry and computational chemistry are combined with biochemical and genetic approaches. Traci M. T. Hall, Ph.D., is the Acting Chief of the LSB.


Structural Biology Laboratory - A hexagon, that represents the sub-departments and their areas of study. The outside border of the hexagon lists the subdivisions and their principal investigators for that subdivision. The interior shows various microorganisms that circle the interior of the hexagon's border. Within the circle created by the microorganisms is a smaller hexagon that serves as the center of the external hexagon. The smaller, internal hexagon lists Genome Instability, RNA Regulation, Allergens, Inflammation, Genonome Maintenance, and Genetic Toxicology along its borders. The caption below the image includes the various resources that the Structural Biology Laboratory uses: Collaborative X-Ray Crystallograpyhy, Computational Chemistry/Molecular Modeling, Collaborative Mass Spectrometry, Protein Microcharacterization and Protein Expression. DNA Replication Fidelity, Thomas A. Kunkel, Ph.D. Macromolecular Structure, Traci M. T. Hall, Ph.D. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Robert E. London, Ph.D. Structural Biology Support DNA Repair & Nucleic Acid Enzymology, Samuel H. Wilson, Ph.D. R. Scott Williams, Ph.D.

Scientific Support Staff

Shannon Duncan
Shannon Duncan
Administrative Specialist

Tel (919) 541-5759
Fax (919) 541-7880

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