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Selected Publications

Reproductive Medicine Group

  1. Knott, J.G., Kurokawa, M., Fissore, R.A., Schultz, R.M., Williams, C.J.: Transgenic RNAi reveals role for mouse sperm phospholipase C zeta in triggering Ca2+ oscillations during fertilization. Biol. Reprod. 72(4): 992-996, April 2005. [Abstract ( ]
  2. Hess, K.C., Jones, B.H., Marquez, B., Chen, Y., Ord, T.S., Kamenetsky, M., Miyamoto, C., Kopf, G.S., Suarez, S.S., Levin, L.R., Williams, C.J., Buck, J., Moss, S.B.: The 'soluble' adenylyl cyclase in sperm mediates multiple signaling events required for fertilization. Dev. Cell 9: 249-259, August 2005. [Abstract ( ]
  3. Wadehra, M., Forbes, A., Pushkarna, N., Goodglick, L., Gordon, L.K., Williams, C.J., Braun, J.: Epithelial membrane protein-2 regulates surface expression of alpha v beta 3 integrin in the endometrium. Dev. Biol. 287: 336-345, October 2005. [Abstract ( ]
  4. Wadehra, M., Dayal, M., Mainigi, M., Ord, T., Iyer, R., Braun, J., Williams, C.J.: Knockdown of the tetraspan protein epithelial membrane protein-2 inhibits implantation in the mouse. Dev. Biol. 292: 430-441, February 2006. [Abstract ( ]
  5. Edwards, S.E., Buffone, M.G., Knee, G.R., Rossato, M., Bonanni, G., Masiero, S., Ferasin, S., Gerton, G.L., Moss, S.B., Williams, C.J.: Effects of extracellular adenosine 5´-triphosphate on human sperm motility. Reprod. Sci. 14(7): 655-666, October 2007. [Abstract ( ]
  6. Igarashi, H., Knott, J.G., Schultz, R.M., Williams, C.J.: Alterations of PLCb1 in mouse eggs change calcium oscillatory behavior following fertilization. Dev. Biol. 312(1): 321-330, December 2007. [Abstract ( ]
  7. Rodríguez-Miranda, E., Buffone, M.G., Edwards, S.E., Ord, T.S., Lin, K., Sammel, M.D., Gerton, G.L., Moss, S.B., Williams, C.J.: Extracellular ATP alters motility and improves the fertilizing capability of mouse sperm. Biol. Reprod. 79(1): 164-171, July 2008. [Abstract ( ]
  8. Duncan, F., Stein, P., Williams, C.J., Schultz, R.M.: The effect of blastomere biopsy on preimplantation mouse embryo development and global gene expression. Fertil. Steril. 91(4 Suppl): 1462-1465, April 2009. [Abstract ( ]
  9. Jefferson, W.N., Padilla-Banks, E., Goulding, E.H., Lao, S.C., Newbold, R.R., Williams, C.J.: Neonatal exposure to genistein disrupts ability of female mouse reproductive tract to support preimplantation embryo development and implantation. Biol. Reprod. 80(3): 425-431, March 2009. [Abstract ( ]
  10. Jefferson, W.N., Williams, C.J.: Circulating levels of genistein in the neonate, apart from dose and route, predict future adverse female reproductive outcomes. Reprod Toxicol. 31(3): 272-279, April 2011. [Abstract ( ]
  11. Jefferson, W.N., Padilla-Banks, E., Phelps, J.Y., Gerrish, K.E., Williams, C.J.: Permanent oviduct posteriorization following neonatal exposure to the phytoestrogen genistein. Environ Health Perspect. (in press), August 2011. [Abstract ( ]
  12. Padilla-Banks E, Jefferson WN, Myers PH, Goulding DR, Williams CJ: Neonatal phytoestrogen exposure causes hypospadias in female mice. Mol. Reprod. Dev. 79(1): 3, January 2012. [Abstract ( ]
  13. Kwintkiewicz J, Padilla-Banks E, Jefferson WN, Jacobs IM, Wade PA, Williams CJ: Metastasis associated protein 3 (MTA3) regulates G2/M progression in proliferating mouse granulosa cells. Biol. Reprod. 86(3): 1-8, March 2012. [Abstract ( ]
  14. Jefferson WN, Patisaul HB, Williams CJ: Reproductive Consequences of Developmental Phytoestrogen Exposure. Reproduction 143(3):247-260, March 2012. [Abstract ( ]
  15. Miao Y-L, Stein P, Jefferson WN, Padilla-Banks E, Williams CJ: Calcium influx-mediated signaling is required for complete mouse egg activation. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 109(11): 4169-4174, March 2012. [Abstract ( ]
  16. Jefferson WN, Padilla-Banks E, Phelps JY, Cantor AM, Williams CJ. Neonatal phytoestrogen exposure alters oviduct mucosal immune response to pregnancy and affects preimplantation embryo development in the mouse. Biology of reproduction  87(1):10-1-10, July 2012. [Abstract ( ]
  17. Jefferson WN, Williams CJ. Early mouse embryo asymmetry. Molecular reproduction and development 79(7):433-, July 2012. [Abstract ( ]
  18. Miao YL, Williams CJ. Calcium signaling in mammalian egg activation and embryo development: The influence of subcellular localization. Molecular reproduction and development  79(11):742-56, November 2012. [Abstract ( ]
  19. Jefferson WN, Chevalier DM, Phelps JY, Cantor AM, Padilla-Banks E, Newbold RR, Archer TK, Kinyamu HK, Williams CJ. Persistently altered epigenetic marks in the mouse uterus after neonatal estrogen exposure. Molecular Endocrinology 2013 27(10):1666-1677.
    [Abstract ( ]
  20. Calhoun KC, Padilla-Banks E, Jefferson WN, Liu L, Gerrish KE, Young SL, Wood CE, Hunt PA, VandeVoort CA, Williams CJ. Bisphenol A exposure alters developmental gene expression in the fetal rhesus monkey uterus. PloS one 9(1):e85894, 2014. [Abstract ( ]
  21. Duncan FE, Padilla-Banks E, Bernhardt ML, Ord TS, Jefferson WN, Moss SB, Williams CJ. Transducin-Like Enhancer of Split-6 (TLE6) Is a Substrate of Protein Kinase A Activity During Mouse Oocyte Maturation. Biology of reproduction 2014 90(3):63-.  [Abstract ( ]

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