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Selected Publications

Gamete Biology Group

  1. Dix DJ, Allen JW, Collins BW, Mori C, Nakamura N, Poorman-Allen P, Goulding EH, Eddy EM. Targeted gene disruption of Hsp70-2 results in failed meiosis, germ cell apoptosis, and male infertility. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 93: 3264-3268, 1996.[Abstract ]
  2. Eddy EM, Washburn TF, Bunch DO, Goulding EH, Gladen BC, Lubah DB, Korach KS. Targeted disruption of the estrogen receptor gene in male mice causes alteration of spermatogenesis and infertility. Endocrinology 137: 4796-4805, 1996.[Abstract ]
  3. Cho C, Bunch DO, Faure J-E, Goulding EH, Eddy EM, Primakoff P, Myles DG. Fertilization defects in sperm from mice lacking fertilin beta. Science 281: 1857-1859, 1998.[Abstract ]
  4. Cho C, Willis WD, Goulding EH, Jung-Ha H, Choi YC, Hecht NB, Eddy EM. Haploinsufficiency of protamine-1 or -2 causes infertility in mice. Nat. Genet. 28: 82-86, 2001.[Abstract ]
  5. Mahato D, Goulding E H, Korach KS, Eddy EM. Estrogen receptor-alpha is required by the supporting somatic cells for spermatogenesis. Mol. Cell. Endocrinol. 178: 57-63, 2001.[Abstract ]
  6. Miki K, Willis WE, Brown PR, Goulding EH, Fulcher KD, Eddy EM. Targeted disruption of the Akap4 gene causes defects in sperm flagellum and motility. Develop. Biol. 248: 331-342, 2002.[Abstract ]
  7. Cho C, Jung-Ha H, Willis WE, Goulding EH, Stein P, X, Z, Schultz RM, Hecht NB, Eddy EM. Protamine-2 deficiency leads to sperm DNA damage and embryo death in mice. Biol. Reprod. 69: 211-217, 2003.[Abstract ]
  8. Goto M, Eddy EM. Speriolin is a novel spermatogenic cell-specific centrosomal protein associated with the seventh WD motif of Cdc20. J. B iological Chem. 279: 42128-42138, 2004[Abstract ]
  9. Rivkin E, Eddy EM, Willis WD, Goulding EH, Suganuma R, Yanagimachi R, Kierszenbaum AL. Sperm tail abnormalities in mutant mice with neo(r) gene insertion into an intron of the keratin 9 gene. Mol. Reprod. Dev. 72:259-71, 2005.[Abstract ]
  10. Eddy EM. The spermatozoon. In Neill, J. (ed): Knobil and Neill: The Physiology of Reproduction, 3rd Edition, San Diego, Elsevier Inc., pp. 3-54, 2006.
  11. O'Bryan MK, Takada S, Kennedy CL, Scott G, Harada S-i, Ray MK, Dai Q, Wilhelm D, de Kretser DM, Eddy EM, Koopman P, Mishina Y. Sox8 is a critical regulator of adult Sertoli cell function and male fertility. Developmental biology 316(2):359-370, 2008.[Abstract ]
  12. Choi E, Lee J, Oh J, Park I, Han C, Yi C, Kim DH, Cho BN, Eddy EM, Cho C . Integrative characterization of germ cell-specific genes from mouse spermatocyte UniGene library. BMC genomics 28(8):256-, 2007.[Abstract ]
  13. Da Ros VG, Maldera JA, Willis WD, Cohen DJ, Goulding EH, Gelman DM, Rubinstein M, Eddy EM, Cuasnicu PS. Impaired sperm fertilizing ability in mice lacking Cysteine-RIch Secretory Protein 1 (CRISP1). Developmental biology 320(1):12-18, 2008.[Abstract ]
  14. Nakamura N, Miranda-Vizuete A, Miki K, Mori C, Eddy EM. Cleavage of disulfide bonds in mouse spermatogenic cell-specific type 1 hexokinase isozyme is associated with increased hexokinase activity and initiation of sperm motility. Biology of reproduction 79(3):537-545, 2008.[Abstract ]
  15. Choi E, Han C, Park I, Lee B, Jin S, Choi H, Kim do H, Park ZY, Eddy EM, Cho C. A novel germ cell-specific protein, SHIP1, forms a complex with chromatin remodeling activity during spermatogenesis. J. Biol. Chem. 283:35283-35294, 2008.[Abstract ]
  16. Geyer CB, Eddy EM. Identification and characterization of Rhox13, a novel X-linked mouse homeobox gene. Gene. 423(2):194-200, 2008.[Abstract ]
  17. Zhang Z, Sheng X, Gude DR, Wilkinson BM, Justice MJ, Flickinger CJ, Herr JC, Eddy EM, STrauss JF III. MEIG1 is essential for spermiogenesis in mice. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 106(40):17055-17060, 2009.[Abstract ]
  18. Geyer CB, Inselman AL, Sunman JA, Bornstein S, Handel MA, Eddy EM. A missense mutation in the Capza3 gene and disruption of F-actin organization in spermatids of repro32 infertile male mice. Developmental biology. 330(1):142-152, 2009.[Abstract ]
  19. Danshina PV, Geyer CB, Dai Q, Goulding EH, Willis WD, McCarrey JR, Eddy, EM, O’Brien DA: Phosphoglycerate kinase 2 (PGK2) is essential for sperm function and male fertility. Biol. Reprod. 82:136-145, 2010.[Abstract ]
  20. Inselman AL, Nakamura N, Brown PR, Willis WD, Goulding EH, Eddy EM: Heat shock protein 2 promoter drives cre expression in spermatocytes of transgenic mice. Genesis 48:114-120, 2010.[Abstract ]
  21. Nakamura N, Mori C, Eddy EM: Molecular complex of three testis-specific isozymes associated with the mouse sperm fibrous sheath: hexokinase 1 (HK1S), phosphofructokinase M (PFKMS), and glutathione S-transferase, mu class, 5 (GSTM5). Biol. Reprod. 82:504-515, 2010.[Abstract ]
  22. Inselman AL, Nakamura N, Brown PR, Willis WD, Goulding EH, Eddy EM: Heat shock protein 2 promoter drives cre expression in spermatocytes of transgenic mice. Genesis 48:114-120, 2010.[Abstract ]
  23. Goldberg E, Eddy EM, Duan C, Odet F. LDHC the ultimate testis-specific gene. Journal of andrology 31(1):86-94, 2010.[Abstract ]
  24. Nakamura N, Mori C, Eddy EM. Molecular complex of three testis-specific isozymes associated with the mouse sperm fibrous sheath: hexokinase 1, phosphofructokinase M, and glutathione S-transferase mu class 5. Biology of reproduction 82(3):504-515, 2010.[Abstract ]
  25. Goto M, O'Brien DA, Eddy EM. Speriolin is a Novel Human and Mouse Sperm Centrosome Protein. Human Reproduction 25(8):1884-1894, 2010.[Abstract ]
  26. Goulding EH, Hewitt SC, Nakamura N, Hamilton K, Korach KS, Eddy EM. Ex3{alpha}ERKO male infertility phenotype recapitulates the {alpha}ERKO phenotype. The Journal of endocrinology 207(3):281-288, 2010.[Abstract ]
  27. Odet F, Gabel SA, Williams J, London RE, Goldberg E, Eddy EM. Lactate dehydrogenase C and energy metabolism in mouse sperm. Biology of reproduction 85(3):556-564, 2011.[Abstract ]
  28. Lee B, Park I, Jin S, Choi H, Kwon JT, Kim J, Jeong J, Cho BN, Eddy EM, Cho C. Impaired spermatogenesis and fertility in mice carrying a mutation in the Spink2 gene expressed predominantly in testes. The Journal of biological chemistry 286(33):29108-209117, 2011. [Abstract ]
  29. Geyer CB, Saba R, Kato Y, Anderson AJ, Chappell VK, Saga Y, Eddy EM.Rhox13 is translated in premeiotic germ cells in male and female mice and is regulated by NANOS2 in the male. Biology of reproduction 86(4):127-, 2012.[Abstract ]
  30. Nakamura N, Dai Q, Williams J, Goulding EH, Willis WD, Brown P , Eddy EM. Disruption of a spermatogenic cell-specific mouse enolase 4 (eno4) gene causes sperm structural defects and male infertility. Biology of reproduction 88(4):90-, 2013.[Abstract ]
  31. Odet F, Gabel S, London RE, Goldberg E, Eddy EM. Glycolysis and mitochondrial respiration in mouse LDHC null sperm. Biology of reproduction 2013 88(4):95-95.[Abstract ]
  32. Chaffee BR, Shang F, Chang ML, Clement TM, Eddy EM, Wagner BD, Nakahara M, Nagata S, Robinson ML, Taylor A. Nuclear removal during terminal lens fiber cell differentiation requires CDK1 activity: appropriating mitosis-related nuclear disassembly. Development (Cambridge, England) 2014 141(17):3388-3398.[Abstract ]

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