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Selected Publications

Ion Channel Physiology Group

  1. Pettit, D.L., Shao, Z. & Yakel, J.L. (2001) beta-Amyloid 1-42 peptide directly modulates nicotinic receptors in the rat hippocampal slice. J. Neuroscience (Rapid Communication) 21:RC120:1-5. [Abstract ]
  2. Khiroug, S.S., Harkness, P.C., Lamb, P.W., Sudweeks, S.N., Khiroug, L., Millar, N.S., & Yakel, J.L. (2002) Rat nicotinic ACh receptor α7 and β2 subunits co-assemble to form functional heteromeric nicotinic receptor channels. J. Physiology 540: 425-434.[Abstract ]
  3. Sudweeks, S.N., van Hooft, J.A., & Yakel, J.L. (2002) Serotonin 5-HT3 Receptors in Rat CA1 Hippocampal Interneurons: Functional and Molecular Characterization. J. Physiology 544:715-726.[Abstract ]
  4. Khiroug, L., Giniatullin, R., Klein, R.C., Fayuk, D. & Yakel, J.L. (2003) Functional mapping and Ca2+ regulation of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor channels in rat hippocampal CA1 neurons. J. Neuroscience 23: 9024-9031.[Abstract ]
  5. Klein, R.C. & Yakel, J.L. (2004) Inhibition of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors by Apolipoprotein E-derived peptides in rat hippocampal slices. Neuroscience (Rapid Report) 127: 563-567. [Abstract ]
  6. Fayuk, D. & Yakel, J.L. (2004) Regulation of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor channel function by acetylcholinesterase inhibitors in rat hippocampal CA1 interneurons. Mol. Pharm. 66: 658-666.[Abstract ]
  7. Fayuk, D. & Yakel, J.L. (2005) Ca2+ permeability of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in rat hippocampal CA1 interneurons. J. Physiology 566: 759-768.[Abstract ]
  8. Klein, R.C. & Yakel, J.L. (2005) Paired-pulse potentiation of ?7-containing nAChRs in rat hippocampal CA1 stratum radiatum interneurons. J. Physiology 568: 881-889. [Abstract ]
  9. Gay, E.A., Klein, R.C. & Yakel, J.L. (2006) Apolipoprotein E-derived peptides block ?7 neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors expressed in Xenopus oocytes. J. Pharm. Exp. Ther. 316: 835-842.[Abstract ]
  10. Klein, R.C. & Yakel, J.L. (2006) Functional somato-dendritic ?7-containing nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the rat basolateral amygdala complex. J. Physiology 576: 865-872.[Abstract ]
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  13. Gay, E.A. & Yakel, J.L. (2007) Gating of nicotinic ACh receptors; new insights into structural transitions triggered by agonist binding that induce channel opening. J. Physiology (Topical Review) 584: 727-733.[Abstract ]  
  14. Fayuk, D., & Yakel, J.L. (2007) Dendritic Ca2+ signaling due to activation of a7-containing nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in rat hippocampal neurons. The Journal of Physiology Pt 2:597-611.[Abstract ]  
  15. Gay, E.A., Giniatullin, R., Skorinkin, A., & Yakel, J.L. (2008) Aromatic residues at position 55 of rat alpha7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors are critical for maintaining rapid desensitization. The Journal of physiology 586(4):1105-1115.[Abstract ]  
  16. Poisik, O.V., Shen, J-X., Jones, S., & Yakel, J.L. (2008) Functional alpha7-containing nicotinic acetylcholine receptors localize to cell bodies and proximal dendrites in the rat substantia Nigra pars reticulata. The Journal of physiology 586(5):1365-1378.[Abstract ]   
  17. Gay EA, Klein RC, Melton MA, Blackshear PJ, Yakel JL. Inhibition of native and recombinant nicotinic acetylcholine receptors by the myristoylated alanine-rich C kinase substrate peptide. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2008 Dec;327(3):884-890. Epub 2008 Sep 23.[Abstract ][Full Text ]  
  18. Shen, J.X., Tu, B., & Yakel, J.L. (2009) Inhibition of alpha7-containing nicotinic ACh receptors by muscarinic M1 ACh receptors in rat hippocampal CA1 interneurons in slices. The Journal of physiology 587(Pt 5):1033-1042.[Abstract ]  
  19. Eddins, D., Klein, R.C., Yakel, J.L., & Levin, E.D. (2009) Hippocampal infusions of apolipoprotein E peptides induce long-lasting cognitive impairment. Brain Res. Bull. 79:111-115.[Abstract ]  
  20. Tu, B., Gu, Z., Shen, J., Lamb, P.W., & Yakel, J.L. (2009) Characterization of a nicotine-sensitive neuronal population in rat entorhinal cortex. J. Neuroscience 29:10436 –10448[Abstract ]  
  21. Shen, J.X., & Yakel, J.L. (2009) Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor-mediated calcium signaling in the nervous system. Acta Pharmacol Sin. 30:673-680.[Abstract ]  
  22. Timofeeva, O.A., Eddins, D., Yakel, J.L., Blackshear, P.J., & Levin, E.D. (2010) Hippocampal infusions of MARCKS peptides impair memory of rats on the radial-arm maze. Brain Res. 1308:147-152. [Abstract ]   
  23. Yakel, J.L. (2010) Gating of nicotinic ACh receptors: latest insights into ligand binding and function. J. Physiology 588:597-602.[Abstract ]  
  24. McCormack, T., Petrovich, R.M., Mercier, K.A., DeRose, E.F., Cuneo, M.J., Williams, J., Johnson, K.L., Lamb, P.W., London, R.E., & Yakel, J.L. (2010) Identification and Functional Characterization of a Novel Acetylcholine-binding Protein from the Marine Annelid Capitella teleta. Biochemistry 49:2279-2287.[Abstract ]  
  25. Seipel, A.T., & Yakel, J.L. (2010) The frequency-dependence of the nicotine-induced inhibition of dopamine is controlled by the α7 nicotinic receptor. J. Neurochemistry: in press.[Abstract ]  
  26. Seipel, A.T., & Yakel, J.L. (2010) The frequency-dependence of the nicotine-induced inhibition of dopamine is controlled by the alpha7 nicotinic receptor. Journal of Neurochemistry 114(6):1659-1666.[Abstract ]  
  27. McCormack, T.J., Melis, C., Colón, J., Gay, E.A., Mike, A., Karoly, R., Lamb, P.W., Molteni, C., & Yakel, J.L. (2010) Rapid Desensitization of the Rat {alpha}7 nAChR is Facilitated by the Presence of a Proline Residue in the Outer {beta}-Sheet. The Journal of physiology 588(Pt 22):4415-4429.[Abstract ]   
  28. Brams, M., Gay, EA, Saez, C.S., Guskov, A., van Elk, R., van der Schors, R.C., Peigneur, S., Tytgat, J., Strelkov, S.V., Smit, A.B., Yakel, J.L.,& Ulens, C. (2011) Crystal Structures of a Cysteine-modified Mutant in Loop D of Acetylcholine-binding Protein. The Journal of biological chemistry 286(6):4420-4428.[Abstract ]  
  29. Brams, M., Pandya, A., Kuzmin, D., van Elk, R., Krijnen, L., Yakel, J.L., Tsetlin, V., Smit, A.B., Ulens, C. (2011) A structural and mutagenic blueprint for molecular recognition of strychnine and d-tubocurarine by different cys-loop receptors. PLoS biology 9(3):e1001034.[Abstract ]  
  30. Colon Saez, J.O., Yakel, J.L. (2011) The 7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor function in hippocampal neurons is regulated by the lipid composition of the plasma membrane.The Journal of physiology 589(Pt 13):3163-3174.[Abstract ]
  31. Pandya, A., & Yakel, J.L. (2011) Allosteric modulator Desformylflustrabromine relieves the inhibition of alpha2beta2 and alpha4beta2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors by beta-amyloid(1-42) peptide. Journal of molecular neuroscience  45(1): 42-47.[Abstract ]  
  32. Pandya, A., & Yakel, J.L. (2011) Allosteric modulators of the alpha4beta2 subtype of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. Biochemical pharmacology  82(9): 952-958.[Abstract ]  
  33. Gu, Z., & Yakel, J.L. (2011) Timing-dependent septal cholinergic induction of dynamic hippocampal synaptic plasticity. Neuron  71(1): 155-165.[Abstract ]  
  34. Billen B., Spurny R., Brams M., van Elk R., Valera-Kummer S., Yakel J.L., Voets T., Bertrand D., Smit A.B., Ulens C. (2012) Molecular actions of smoking cessation drugs at α4β2 nicotinic receptors defined in crystal structures of a homologous binding protein. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 109(23):9173-8.[Abstract ]
  35. Gu Z, Lamb PW, Yakel JL. (2012) Cholinergic coordination of presynaptic and postsynaptic activity induces timing-dependent hippocampal synaptic plasticity. Journal of Neuroscience 32(36):12337-48.[Abstract ]
  36. Shen JX, Yakel JL. Functional α7 nicotinic ACh receptors on astrocytes in rat hippocampal CA1 slices. Journal of molecular neuroscience 2012 48(1):14-21[Abstract ]
  37. Pandya A, Yakel JL. (2013) Activation of the α7 nicotinic ACh receptor induces anxiogenic effects in rats which is blocked by a 5-HT1a receptor antagonist. Neuropharmacology 70:35-42. [Abstract ]
  38. Yakel JL. (2013) Cholinergic Receptors: Functional Role of Nicotinic ACh Receptors in Brain Circuits and Disease. Pflugers Archiv: European journal of physiology 465(4):441-450.[Abstract ]
  39. Pandya AA, Yakel JL. Effects of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor allosteric modulators in animal behavior studies. Biochemical pharmacology 2013 86(8):1054-1062.[Abstract ]
  40. Cheng Q, Yakel JL. Presynaptic α7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors Enhance Hippocampal Mossy Fiber Glutamatergic Transmission via PKA Activation. Journal of Neuroscience 2014 34(1):124-33.[Abstract ]
  41. Colón-Sáez JO, Yakel JL. A mutation in the extracellular domain of the a7 nAChR reduces calcium permeability. Pflugers Archiv: European journal of physiology 2014 466(8):1571-1579.[Abstract ]

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