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Selected Publications

Spontaneous Mutation & DNA Repair Group

  1. Kissling GE, Grogan DW, Drake JW. Confounders of mutation-rate estimators: Selection and phenotypic lag in Thermus thermophilus. Mutation Research 2013 749(1-2):16-20.[Abstract ]
  2. García-Villada L, Drake JW. (2013) Experimental selection reveals a trade-off between fecundity and lifespan in the coliphage Qss. Open biology 3(6):130043-.[Abstract ]
  3. Drake JW, von Borstel RW, Hennig UGG. (2012) In memoriam R. C. (Jack) von Borstel (January 24, 1925–April 19, 2012). Environmental and molecular mutagenesis 53(7):493-94.[Abstract ]
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  7. Drake, J. W. (2012) Autobiographical sketch: twists and turns. DNA Repair 11: 703-713.
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  9. Trzemecka, A., A. Jacewicz, G. T. Carver, J. W. Drake and A. Bebenek (2010) Reversal of a mutator activity by a nearby fidelity-neutral substitution in the RB69 DNA polymerase binding pocket. J. Mol. Biol. 404(5):778-793.[Abstract ]
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