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Selected Publications

Cell Adhesion Group

  1. George, M.D., Wine, R.N., Lackford, B., Kissling, G.E., Akiyama, S.K., Olden, K., Roberts, J.D. (2013): p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase interacts with vinculin at focal adhesions during fatty acid-stimulated cell adhesion. Biochemistry and cell biology = Biochimie et biologie cellulaire, 91(6):404-18.[Abstract ]
  2. Ke, H., Zhang, J.Y., Akiyama, S.K. and French, J.E. (2011): BCL2 interaction with actin in vitro may inhibit cell motility by enhancing actin polymerization. Cell Adhesion & Migration, 5(1):6-10.[Abstract ]
  3. Ray, D.M., Rogers, B., Sunman, J.A., Akiyama, S.K., Olden, K., Roberts, J.D. (2010): Lysine 63-linked ubiquitination is important for arachidonic acid-induced cellular adhesion and migration. Biochemistry and cell biology = Biochimie et biologie cellulaire 88(6):947-956.[Abstract ]
  4. Matsuoka, T., Adair, J.E., Lih, F.B., Hsi, L.C., Rubino, M., Eling, T.E., Tomer, K.B., Yashiro, M., Hirakawa, K., Olden, K., and Roberts, J.D. (2010): Elevated dietary linoleic acid increases gastric carcinoma cell invasion and metastasis in mice. British journal of cancer, 103(8):1182-1191.[Abstract ]
  5. Kim, Y.S., Harry, G.J., Kang, H.S., Goulding, D., Wine, R., Kissling, G.E., Liao, G. and Jetten, A.M. (2010): Altered Cerebellar Development in Nuclear Receptor TAK1/TR4 Null Mice is Associated with Deficits in GLAST+ Glia, Alterations in Social Behavior, Motor Learning, Startle Reactivity, and Microglia. Cerebellum (London, England) 9(3):310-323.[Abstract ]
  6. Reyes-Reyes, E.M. and S.K. Akiyama (2008): Cell-surface nucleolin is a signal transducing P-selectin binding protein for human colon carcinoma cells. Exp Cell Res., 314:2212-2223.[Abstract ]
  7. Reyes-Reyes, E.M., George, M.D., Roberts, J.D. and Akiyama, S.K. (2006): P-Selectin Activates Integrin-mediated Colon Carcinoma Cell Adhesion to Fibronectin. Exp. Cell Res. 312: 4056-4069. [Abstract ]
  8. Guo, H.-B, I. Lee, M. Kamar, S. K. Akiyama, and M. Pierce (2002): Aberrant N-glycosylation of beta-1 integrin reduces integrin clustering and stimulates phosphorylation of focal adhesion kinase and cell migration. Cancer Res., 62: 6837-6845.[Abstract ]
  9. Akiyama, S.K. Quantitation of Cell Adhesion: Quantitation of Cell-Matrix Attachment. In: Methods in Cell-Matrix Adhesion, (J. Adams, ed.) Academic Press, New York, pages 281-296, 2002
  10. Whittard, J.D. and S.K. Akiyama (2001): Positive regulation of cell-cell and cell-substrate adhesion by protein kinase A. J. Cell Sci., 114: 3265-3272.[Abstract ]
  11. Whittard, J.D. and S.K. Akiyama (2001): Activation of beta1 integrins induces cell-cell adhesion. Exp Cell Res., 263: 65-76.[Abstract ]
  12. Mueller, S. C., G. Ghersi, S.K. Akiyama, Q.-X.A. Sang, L. Howard, M. Pineiro-Sanchez, H. Nakahara, Y. Yeh, and W.-T. Chen (1999): A novel protease-docking function of integrin at invadopodia. J. Biol. Chem., 274: 24947-24952.[Abstract ]
  13. Copie, V., Y. Tomita, S. K. Akiyama, S. Aota, K. M. Yamada, R. M. Venable, R. W. Pastor, S. Kruger, and D. A. Torchia (1998): Solution structure and dynamics of linked cell attachment modules of mouse fibronectin containing the RGD and synergy regions: Comparison with the human fibronectin crystal structure. J. Mol. Biol., 277: 663-682. [Abstract ]
  14. Akiyama, S. K., K. Olden, and K. M. Yamada (1995): Fibronectin and integrins in invasion and metastasis. Cancer Metast. Rev., 14: 173-189.[Abstract ]
  15. Newton, S. A., E. J. Reeves, H. A. Gralnick, S. Mohla, K. M. Yamada, K. Olden, and S. K. Akiyama (1995): Role of integrin fibronectin receptor in metastasis of human breast carcinoma cells in athymic nude mice. Int. J. Oncol., 6: 1063-1070.
  16. Miyamoto, S., S. K. Akiyama, and K. M. Yamada (1995): Synergistic roles for receptor occupancy and aggregation in integrin transmembrane function. Science, 267:883-885.[Abstract ]

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