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Reagents & Supplies

Laser Microdissection

The following equipment and supplies are available for use by NIEHS scientists in conducting their research. The equipment and supply capabilities are listed for easy reference.


Laser Microdissection staff uses the following materials with studies.


Mayer's Hematoxylin Solution
Phone: (800) 325-3010
Catalog # MHS-16


Cresyl Violet acetate
Sigma Aldrich
Phone: (800) 325-3010
Catalog # C1791


Eosin Y
Cell Point Scientific
Phone: (800) 999-9734
Catalog # 1B425


Phloxine B
Fisher Scientific
Phone: (800) 766-7000
Catalog # P387


10x Automation Buffer
Fisher Scientific
Phone: (800) 766-7000
Catalog # BM M30


Lithium Carbonate
Phone: (800) 325-3010
Catalog # L4283


Tissue Tek® Plastic Cryomold®
Sakura Finete
Phone: (800) 725-8723
Catalog # 4557

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