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Michelle Cora, D.V.M., D.A.C.V.P.

Clinical Pathology Group

Cora, Michelle
Michelle C. Cora, D.V.M., D.A.C.V.P.
Veterinary Medical Officer/NTP Clinical Pathologist
Tel (919) 316-4717
P.O. Box 12233
Mail Drop B3-06
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27709
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Michelle Cora, D.V.M., D.A.V.C.P., is a veterinary medical officer and board certified clinical pathologist working with Greg Travlos, D.V.M., D.A.V.C.P., in the NTP Clinical Pathology Group, which provides collaborative and consultative support to investigators at the NIEHS.  Additionally, she provides clinical pathology oversight and preparation of technical reports for various NTP studies including Black Cohosh Extract and Cobalt Metal.  Dr. Cora’s current research interests include disorders of the hematological system.  


Dr. Cora received her B.S. degree in biology and chemistry from Illinois College in 1995 and her doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Illinois in 2000.  After graduating from veterinary school, she moved to the Seattle area and practiced small animal medicine for 7 years.   In July of 2007, she began her residency in veterinary clinical pathology at North Carolina State University.  In 2010 Dr. Cora completed her residency training and accepted a position as a research fellow at NIEHS in CMPB/NTP Toxicological Pathology Training Program.  She received her board certification from the American College of Veterinary Pathologists in 2011.   She joined the Cellular and Molecular Pathology Branch’s staff in March of 2013 as a Veterinary Medical Officer/NTP clinical pathologist. 

Selected Publications

  1. Rider CV, Nyska A, Cora MC, Kissling GE, Smith C, Travlos GS, Hejtmancik MR, Fomby LM, Colleton CA, Ryan MJ, Kooistra L, Morrison JP, Chan PC.  Toxicity and Carcinogenicity Studies of Ginkgo biloba Extract in Rat and Mouse: Liver, Thyroid, and Nose Are Targets. Toxicol Pathol. 2014 42: 830-43.
  2. Mercado-Feliciano M, Cora MC, Witt KL, Granville CA, Hejtmancik MR, Fomby L, Knostman KA, Ryan MJ, Newbold R, Smith C, Foster PM, Vallant MK, Stout MD. (2012) An ethanolic extract of black cohosh causes hematological changes but not estrogenic effects in female rodents. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 263(2):138-147.[Abstract]
  3. Cora MC, King D, Betz LJ, Wilson R, Travlos GS. Artifactual Changes in Sprague-Dawley Rat Hematologic Parameters after Storage of Samples at 3 °C and 21 °C. Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science 2012 51(5):616-21.[Abstract]
  4. Elmore SA, Berridge BR, Boyle MC, Cora MC, Hoenerhoff MJ, Kooistra L, Laast VA, Morrison JP, Rao D, Rinke M, Yoshizawa K. 2012. Proceedings of the 2012 National Toxicology Program Satellite Symposium. Toxicol Pathol.  2013;41:151-180.
  5. Meyer B, Cora MC, King D, Kurtz DM, Travlos GS.  A comparison of two hematology analyzers using blood from laboratory rats.  Abstract presented at ACVP/ASVCP meeting 2012.

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