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2014 News Releases

2 Oct 2014: HHS Releases 13th Report on Carcinogens
23 Sep 2014: NIH Funds Next Phase of Tissue Chip for Drug Screening Program 
17 Sep 2014: Phthalates Heighten Risk for Childhood Asthma 
10 Sep 2014: Public Health Report Stresses Worker Protection As Key Component of Homeland Security
11 Aug 2014: Penn-led Expert Panel Calls for Public Health Research on Natural Gas Drilling 
8 Jul 2014: Low Doses of Arsenic Cause Cancer in Male Mice
30 Jun 2014: Lead in Kids’ Blood Linked With Behavioral and Emotional Problems
9 Jun 2014: Penn Medicine Receives Superfund Research Program Award of $10 Million to Study the Adverse Health Effects and Remediation of Asbestos 
30 May 2014: Exposure to Organic Solvents Before First Childbirth May Increase Hormone-related Breast Cancer Risk  
29 May 2014: Research by Keck School of Medicine of USC Scientists Raises New Concerns About Air Pollution Impacts at Los Angeles International Airport 
13 May 2014: Asthma Awareness Month 2014: NIH Continues its Commitment to Asthma Research
15 Apr 2014: Unexpected Protein Partnership Has Implications for Cancer Treatment
11 Apr 2014: GuLF STUDY Gears Up for Second Round of Health Exams
7 Apr 2014: Media Advisory: GuLF STUDY Update: Four Years After the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
1 Apr 2014: Obesity Primes the Colon for Cancer, According to NIH Study
5 Mar 2014: A Wristband for a Different Kind of Cause — Environmental Health 
4 Mar 2014: Prevalence of Allergies the Same, Regardless of Where You Live
11 Feb 2014: Study Finds Preterm Birth is Associated with Elevated Blood Insulin Levels at Birth and in Early Childhood 
3 Feb 2014: NIH Study Offers Insight into Why Cancer Incidence Increases with Age

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