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2012 News Releases

18 Dec 2012: How Will Global Climate Change Influence the Way We Assess and Manage Chemicals in the Environment? 
15 Nov 2012: Finalists of air pollution sensor challenge announced
15 Nov 2012: Flame retardants linked to neurodevelopmental delays in children 
15 Oct 2012: Bacterial protein in house dust spurs asthma according to NIH study
9 Oct 2012: NIEHS and Bay Area Doctors Find Parkinson's Disease Risk Much Greater in Some Exposed to Popular Herbicide 
8 Oct 2012: First Recipients of Research Grants to Support Genomic Studies in Africa Announced 
2 Oct 2012: Final opportunities to enroll in NIH oil spill health study
24 Sep 2012: Media Advisory: Last chance to enroll in NIH oil spill health study
7 Sep 2012: Strategy developed to improve delivery of medicines to the brain
5 Sep 2012: NIH Common Fund Researchers Link Genetic Variants And Gene Regulation in Many Common Diseases 
4 Sep 2012: NIH Awards $100 Million for Autism Centers of Excellence Program 
13 Aug 2012: Chemical Widely Used in Antibacterial Hand Soaps May Impair Muscle Function 
6 Jun 2012: NIH, EPA announce competition to develop personal air pollution and health sensors
4 Jun 2012: Media Advisory: NIH, EPA announce competition to develop personal air pollution and health sensors
22 May 2012: Surgeon General invites oil spill workers to join the NIH GuLF STUDY
16 May 2012: Beijing Olympics Experiment Reveals Biological Link Between Air Pollution Exposure, Cardiovascular Disease 
7 May 2012: NNSA, FBI Conclude Radiological Security Exercise at NIEHS in North Carolina 
1 May 2012: Prenatal Exposure to Insecticide Chlorpyrifos Linked to Alterations in Brain Structure and Cognition 
30 Apr 2012: NIH statement on World Asthma Day 2012 - May 1, 2012
17 Apr 2012: Personal Exposure Monitoring Device Predicts Breathing Rates, Contributes to More Meaningful Environmental Dose Estimates 
9 Apr 2012: Lead NIH scientist for GuLF STUDY available for interviews
9 Apr 2012: Maternal obesity, diabetes associated with autism, other developmental disorders 
4 Apr 2012: Arsenic turns stem cells cancerous, spurring tumor growth
29 Feb 2012: More than 10,000 participants have joined the GuLF STUDY: NIH seeking thousands more oil spill workers to find potential health effects of spill
28 Feb 2012: HHS Secretary Sebelius announces environmental justice strategy 
16 Feb 2012: Organic Food Sweetener May Be a Hidden Source of Dietary Arsenic 
13 Feb 2012: Even Moderate Air Pollution Can Raise Stroke Risks 
24 Jan 2012: PFCs linked to lowered immune response to childhood vaccinations 
13 Jan 2012: NIH study shows 32 million Americans have autoantibodies that target their own tissues

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