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2011 News Releases

19 Dec 2011: NIH scientists find a potential new avenue for cancer therapies
12 Dec 2011: NDAR federation creates largest source of autism research data to date 
7 Dec 2011: US Tox21 to begin screening 10,000 chemicals
5 Dec 2011: Dartmouth researchers evaluate rice as a source of fetal arsenic exposure 
10 Nov 2011: Wood stove intervention can reduce childhood pneumonia
13 Oct 2011: Inefficient developing world stoves contribute to 2 million deaths a year 
10 Oct 2011: Natural Processes Can Limit Spread of Arsenic in Water, Says Study 
6 Oct 2011: NIH launches research program to explore health effects from climate change
30 Sep 2011: Darryl C. Zeldin named National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences scientific director
17 Aug 2011: Media Advisory for Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina
15 Aug 2011: Exercise May Help Prevent Brain Damage Caused by Alzheimer’s Disease 
13 Jul 2011: NIH Investigators Discover New Mechanism That May Be Important for Learning and Memory
7 Jul 2011: NIH-funded research network to explore oil spill health effects
13 Jun 2011: People with Parkinson's Disease May Have Double The Risk for Melanoma, a Dangerous Skin Cancer 
10 Jun 2011: New Substances Added to HHS Report on Carcinogens
10 Jun 2011: Media Advisory: New substances added to HHS Report on Carcinogens
24 May 2011: Women Who Start Prenatal Vitamins Early are Less Likely to have Children with Autism 
3 May 2011: World Asthma Day: NIH research advances help people with asthma
31 Mar 2011: NIH investigators find link between DNA damage and immune response
17 Mar 2011: Submit your visionary ideas about environmental health research
10 Mar 2011: New robot system to test 10,000 chemicals for toxicity
2 Mar 2011: Media Advisory: NIH joins SOT to celebrate 50 years of toxicology science
28 Feb 2011: NIH launches largest oil spill health study
23 Feb 2011: Media Advisory: Largest oil spill health study to launch along Gulf Coast
18 Feb 2011: NIEHS Grantees, NYU and WHOI, Discover Genetic Mutation Allowing Hudson River Fish to Adapt to PCBs 
11 Feb 2011: NIH study finds two pesticides associated with Parkinson's disease
20 Jan 2011: Members of a Federal Advisory Group on Autism Mobilize in Response to a Mother's Plea 
7 Jan 2011: Media Advisory: National Toxicology Program Workshop: Role of Environmental Chemicals in the Development of Diabetes and Obesity
7 Jan 2011: HHS Proposed Recommendation on Fluoride 

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