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2009 News Releases

14 Dec 2009: NIH-Funded Study Unveils Potential Genetic Links to Lung Disease Risk
11 Dec 2009: News Advisory - Scientific Panel Evaluates Soy Infant Formula Safety
7 Dec 2009: Scientists Explore Role of Environmental Stressors in the Developmental Origins of Disease 
25 Nov 2009: NIH Teams Up With The Lancet and Leading International Organizations to Address Public Health Impacts of Climate Change: New Strategies Promote Health and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
19 Nov 2009: NIEHS Awards Recovery Act Funds to Focus More Research on Health and Safety of Nanomaterials
28 Oct 2009: NIEHS Awards Recovery Act Funds to Address Bisphenol A Research Gaps
27 Oct 2009: A Call to Copenhagen - Health Effects of Climate Change: Major Study Unveiled, Evaluates Strategies to Reduce Green House Gas Emissions
5 Oct 2009: Sister Study Exceeds Recruitment Goal: Now the Real Work Begins
16 Sep 2009: NIH Funds Grantees Focusing on Epigenomics of Human Health and Disease
13 Sep 2009: Electronic Nose Sniffs out Toxins
30 Jul 2009: Sun Exposure May Trigger Certain Autoimmune Diseases in Women
21 Jul 2009: A Child's IQ Can Be Affected by Mother's Exposure to Urban Air Pollutants
6 Jun 2009: NIH Guidelines for Human Stem Cell Research 
5 Jun 2009: NIH Autism Center of Excellence Network Announces Launch of Most Comprehensive Study of Earliest Possible Causes of Autism 
26 May 2009: Well Water Should Be Tested Annually to Reduce Health Risks to Children
5 May 2009: World Asthma Day
4 May 2009: New Data Analysis Shows Possible Link Between Childhood Obesity and Allergies
28 Apr 2009: NIEHS Teams with Federal and City Groups to Conduct Disaster Response Training Exercise
27 Apr 2009: Countries Unite to Reduce Animal Use in Product Toxicity Testing Worldwide
16 Mar 2009: First Sister Study Results Reinforce the Importance of Healthy Living
13 Mar 2009: News Advisory - Hear About Emerging Trends in Toxicology Research
10 Mar 2009: Applications for $1.5 Billion in Recovery Act Funds Now Available 
5 Mar 2009: Advisory Panel Releases First Federal Strategic Plan for Autism Research 
3 Feb 2009: Research Finds New Cause of Ozone Wheezing and Potential Treatments

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