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Your Environment. Your Health.

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)

2006 News Releases

31 Oct 2006: NIEHS Conference Will Explore Environmental Causes of Breast Cancer (
25 Oct 2006: Mouse DNA to Aid Biomedical Research (
23 Oct 2006: NIEHS Teleconference, October 25: Mouse DNA to Aid Biomedical Research (
18 Oct 2006: NIEHS Allocates $74 Million to Study Environmental Causes of Disease (
4 Oct 2006: New Clinical Research Facility Focusing on Environmental Health to Open at NIEHS in Research Triangle Park, NC (
1 Sep 2006: NIEHS Awards $3.6 Million to Outstanding New Environmental Scientists (
31 Aug 2006: Obesity in Men Linked to Infertility (
27 Jul 2006: Chemical in Many Air Fresheners May Reduce Lung Function (
11 May 2006: NIEHS Researchers Link Gene Variation to Coronary Heart Disease (
1 May 2006: NIEHS Director Celebrates One Year Anniversary: Unveils New Strategic Plan for Environmental Health Sciences (
6 Apr 2006: NIEHS Consistently Rated Best Place to Work by Postdocs (
8 Mar 2006: Elderly Have Higher Risk for Cardiovascular, Respiratory Disease from Fine Particle Pollution (
8 Mar 2006: Independent Panel to Evaluate Whether Genistein or Soy Formula is Hazardous to Human Development or Reproduction (
2 Mar 2006: New NIEHS Associate Director to Integrate Environmental Health Research with Advances in Patient Care (
15 Feb 2006: New Compound May Protect Against Liver Cancer (
8 Feb 2006: Two NIH Initiatives Launch Intensive Efforts to Determine Genetic and Environmental Roots of Common Diseases (
10 Jan 2006: Component in Soy Products Causes Reproductive Problems in Laboratory Mice (
10 Jan 2006: NIEHS to Put More Emphasis on Systematically Assessing the Health Risks of Toxicants; Christopher Portier, Ph.D. Named Associate Director for Risk Assessment (

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