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National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)

1999 News Releases

28 Dec 1999: A Big Step in Reducing Animal Testing: FDA, EPA, OSHA and CPSC Accept Alternative Test for Allergic Contact Dermatitis Following Review, Approval by an Independent Scientific Panel (
17 Dec 1999: Cancer Review Set for Nine Substances, Three Used to Make Materials Less Flammable (
16 Dec 1999: Sex-Reversing Mouse Created - An Advance in Studying the Body's Estrogen Use and Fertility (
15 Dec 1999: 'Snap Shot' Captures Key Cancer-Search and Destroy Enzyme (
19 Nov 1999: Memorial Services for David P. Rall, NIEHS Director and Founding Director of NTP, to Be Held at NIH, Bethesda, MD, and at NIEHS, Research Triangle Park, NC (
13 Oct 1999: Conference Promotes Environmentally Responsible Research (
29 Sep 1999: NIEHS Urges Safety Workers to Prepare for Y2K False Alarms and Malfunctions (
28 Sep 1999: Reports from Special Environmental Health Issue Explore Links to Autoimmune Diseases - Diabetes, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis and Arthritis (
22 Sep 1999: Historically Black and Research-Intensive Universities Partner under Grants Aimed at Broadening U.S. Science Base (
8 Sep 1999: Suggested Changes in Federal Report on Carcinogens to Be Aired Sept. 15 at Public Meeting in Washington (
25 Aug 1999: NIEHS-Cloned Gene Linked to a Natural Substance That Reduces Vascular Inflammation, a Key to Arterial Clogging (
11 Aug 1999: In Public Sessions: Panel to Evaluate Plasticizers for Possible Reproductive, Developmental Risks (
27 Jul 1999: Wide Use Leads to Push to Test Safety of Four Herbs (
22 Jun 1999: Science Panel Endorses New Non-Animal Test to See If Chemicals Will Burn, Corrode Skin and Eyes (
15 Jun 1999: Environmental Health Institute Report Concludes Evidence Is 'Weak' That EMF's Cause Cancer (
9 Jun 1999: Embryos That Implant in Uterus 'LATE' Prove More Likely to Die in First Weeks of Pregnancy (
8 Jun 1999: NIEHS and Astra Zeneca Co-operate on Arthritis Drug Research (
8 Jun 1999: Reports in Children's Environmental Health Issue Suggest: Maternal Vitamins Reduce Risk of Children's Brain Tumors; Endocrine Disruptors at Critical Points Can Hurt Development (
19 May 1999: UV Rays, Fire and Flame Retardants to Be Reviewed for Possible Listing As Carcinogens, NTP Announces (
12 Apr 1999: Federally Sponsored Panel to Look at Data on Plasticizers: Do They Harm Reproduction, or Children's Development? (
7 Apr 1999: Women Born with Birth Defects Run Small Risk Their Children Will Have Them (
25 Mar 1999: U.S. and Chinese Researchers Reduce Aflatoxin (
24 Mar 1999: Workshops Seek Clues to Health Disparity (
14 Jan 1999: Memorial Service Set for Nobel Winner Rodbell (
6 Jan 1999: Center Set Up to Evaluate Evidence of Chemical Threats to Human Reproduction (

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