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National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)

1998 News Releases

21 Dec 1998: Final Comments Sought on Listing Alcoholic Drinks, Second-Hand Smoke in Federal List of Causes of Cancer (
8 Dec 1998: Nobel Laureate Martin Rodbell Dies (
24 Nov 1998: Tobacco Smoke, Alcoholic Beverages, and Diesel Exhaust Considered for Listing in National Toxicology Program's Report on Carcinogens (
17 Nov 1998: NIEHS Awarded Best Budget Increase in 15 Years (
17 Nov 1998: Mercury Scientific Issues Workshop Nov. 18-20, 1998 in Raleigh, NC (
29 Oct 1998: NIEHS' Dr. Stokes Receives Humane Society Award (
28 Oct 1998: Rodent Cancer Data to Be Reviewed on Food Flavoring, Solvent, Cosmetic Ingredient, Anabolic Steroid and Embalming Fluid (
30 Sep 1998: NIEHS and U.C. Davis Researchers Find Protein That May Be Key to Non-Hormonal Family Planning and Treatment of Infertility (
25 Sep 1998: 'DES Daughters' Had Increased Rates of Cancer; An Animal Study Shows 'DES Granddaughters' May Too (
10 Sep 1998: New Agency Group to Review Proposed Use of Skin Sensitivity Test Using Fewer Animals (
9 Sep 1998: NIEHS Finds Protein That Counteracts Inflammation and Wasting That May Target Rheumatoid Arthritis and Crohn's Disease (
3 Sep 1998: International Study Finds Mothers' Lifetime Lead Exposures May Put Breast-Fed Newborns at Risk (
27 Aug 1998: Three-Way Gene-Gene-Environmental Exposure Interaction Shown by NIEHS to Escalate Smoking-Related Cancer (
19 Aug 1998: $6.3 Million Federal Grant Funds Pfiesteria Research (
10 Aug 1998: HHS, EPA Launch Children's Environmental Health Research Centers (
31 Jul 1998: Workshop to Evaluate Research Needs on the Safety of Medicinal Herbs (
30 Jul 1998: Report on Electrical and Magnetic Fields Released; Public Invited to Comment at Regional Meetings (
21 Jul 1998: Shellfish Toxin Study Provides Possible Clue to Cystic Fibrosis Therapy (
24 Jun 1998: Panel Evaluates Electric and Magnetic Fields for Health Effects (
22 Jun 1998: New Journal Issue Updates Alternative Testing Advances (
12 Jun 1998: Johnson-Thompson Joins Microbiology Elite (
3 Jun 1998: Scientists to Prepare Advisory Report on What's Been Learned About the Possible Adverse Health Effects of Electric Fields (
26 May 1998: East Coast Oceans Public Meeting to Be Held in Tampa, Florida (
15 May 1998: Oceans of Health and Discovery at New Lisbon Expo (
14 May 1998: 15 Drugs, Dyes and Other Chemicals Newly Listed As Known or Likely Human Carcinogens (
28 Apr 1998: Fun with Environmental Science on the Web (
15 Apr 1998: Last Comment Sought on Agents Proposed for Report on Carcinogens; A Final for Data on Saccharin, and a Re-Review of Dioxin Announced (
9 Mar 1998: Global Warming Would Foster Spread of Dengue Fever into Some Temperate Regions (
23 Feb 1998: Alcohol's Cancer-Causing Potential to Be Reviewed, Along with Environmental Tobacco Smoke, Diesel Fumes (
12 Feb 1998: Schedule for EMF Study Evaluations Set to Aid Preparation of Report to Congress (
3 Feb 1998: Testing Sought for Brighteners, Natural Substance in Spices, Cosmetic Chemical, Three Herbs, a Natural Oil and a Fertilizer (
22 Jan 1998: National Toxicology Program Meets on Transgenic Animals (
22 Jan 1998: Even Moderate Air Pollution Reaching Eastern Wilderness Decreases Mountain Hikers' Lung Function (

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