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Upcoming Distinguished Lecture

By Eddy Ball
December 2006

Aaron Hsueh
Distinguished Lecturer Aaron Hsueh (Photo courtesy of Aaron Hsueh)

Aaron J. W. Hsueh, Ph.D., will present the next talk in the 2006-2007 NIEHS Distinguished Lectures series at 11:00 AM December 12 in Rodbell Conference Center. Hsueh is a professor and Division head in the Division of Reproductive Biology, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Stanford University. His topic will be "Coevolution and Bioinformatic Discovery of Polypeptide Ligands and Receptors."

Hseuh has contributed to the field of ovarian research by investigating follicular cell apoptosis, the molecular biology of gonadtropin receptors, and the gonadtropin and growth factor actions in the ovary. Hsueh's interests in reproductive biology include hormonal genomics, and his group has discovered several polypeptide hormones and receptors.

Laboratory of Signal Transduction Supervisory Biologist John Cidlowski is the sponsor for Hsueh's lecture.

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