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NIEHS Athletes Winners in Annual CFC Biathlon

By Eddy Ball
December 2006

Runners warming up
After signing in for the event, participants took advantage of down time to stretch and warm up for the competition. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

Runners gathering
Runners gathered at the starting line for the biathlon. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

Marion Johnson-Thompson
Organizers selected Marion Johnson-Thompson as top finisher of the Fun Walk. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

Jeremy Smyth and Wade Dehaven
Biathlon winners Jeremy Smyth (left, third place) and Wade Dehaven (first place). (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

October 25 was sunny and brisk, the coldest day so far in 2006. However, the low temperatures didn't hamper the enthusiasm of the fifty-plus EPA and NIEHS employees gathered on the EPA patio overlooking the lake prior to the start of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) 2006 5K Biathlon and Fun Walk. The runners, walkers and cyclists queued up to sign in and warm up to the sounds of 70's Rock and Roll blaring from boom box speakers.

Moving to the beat of "Cat Scratch Fever" and "Carry on My Wayward Son," a mixed group of participants stretched their muscles and got into the spirit of the morning. They were a mixed group of fit and shapely young people, middle-aged exercise new comers and folks in their silver years who looked as though they have been exercising in one way or another all their lives.

As different as participants were from one another, they all had one goal in common. They wanted to have a good time outdoors and do some good for people less fortunate than themselves. They were raising money and awareness, in service of the annual CFC.

As they ran, walked and cycled, they were followed and protected by security personnel from EPA and NIEHS. As EPA Security Officer Andrew Almodavar described his routine for the event, "I'll count them just to make sure the same number come off the route as started it. We want folks to have a good time and come back to work safe."

Everything worked as planned. When the finish flags were down, three NIEHS employees were among the seven top winners.

Event # Finishers Winner
Biathlon (i) 13 1st - Wayne Dehaven, NIEHS
    2nd - BJ Collins, EPA-OARM
    3rd - Jeremy Smyth, NIEHS
    1st Woman - Leigh Herrington, EPA-OAQPS
Biathlon (t) 4 David Mintz/Hugh Crews, EPA-OAQPS
5K Run 5 Matt Martin, EPA-NCCT
Fun Walk 28 Marion Johnson-Thompson, NIEHS*
Totals 50  

* Randomly Selected Fun Walk Finisher
(Chart courtesy of Ellen Tvrdy, EPA-RTP 2006 CFC Coordinator)

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