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NIEHS Goes All Out for Health Week

June 2005

Health Fair May 18th
Durham Regional Hospital staff checks cholesterol and blood glucose levels at the Health Fair May 18.

Chiropractor Sandra Childers checking Sarah Harrison's
Chiropractor Sandra Childers checks to see if Sarah Harrison's shoulders and hips are level and if her weight is evenly distributed on both feet.

Aurora Cupul Uicab gets a bone-density test
Aurora Cupul Uicab gets a bone-density test at the NIEHS Health Fair. A number of health screening services, including bone-density testing, were offered free of charge to NIEHS employees and contractors.

Casey Wardlaw
Durham County Health Department registered nurse and licensed dietician, Casey Wardlaw explains fast-food facts with a visual display of vials of fat showing how much fat is in fast food products.

Starting lineup for the annual Rogathon
Starting lineup for the annual Rogathon, so named for avid runner and senior researcher,Walter Rogan.

Bureaucratic Run-Around The Transducers
Bureaucratic Run-Around The Transducers, from the Laboratory of Signal Transduction, the reigning Institute champions, won the Bureaucratic Run-Around race again. They retain bragging rights for virtually "smoking" the other teams with a new Institute record 4 minutes and 46 seconds.

The Rat Race
The Rat Race. The Photo Finishers won the Rat Race winning team was the Photo Finishers. They also won last year's Rat Race. Second place was a tie between the Wheelers & Dealers and the HSB Running Rebels. The anchors for both teams respectively (Stella Seiber and Paul Johnson) crossed the finish line at the same time.

left to right, A'tondra Carree, April Parker, and Stephanie Bullock-Allen
Double Dutch winner April Parker shows how it's done, while A'tondra Carree (left) and Stephanie Bullock-Allen turn the ropes.

Jump champs

A.G. Carrington
A.G. Carrington won the NIEHS basketball shootout for the sixth time in the past nine years

Football Throws Champs

With more activities than ever before, NIEHS went all out to encourage physical fitness May 9-20. This year featured several new events like the football throw and a BoSu ball workout as well as the old favorites like the Rogathon, the Rat Race relay and Bureaucratic Runaround. New education seminars included a presentation on sleep disorders and one-on-one nutritional assessments. A chiropractic assessment provided information of the benefits of proper spinal alignment, while the Health Fair offered a variety of information booths for health screenings such as cholesterol and glucose levels, body fat analysis, smoking cessation, fat and sodium content in prepackaged and fast food, and bone density testing.

Health Fair

Rogathon Top Finishers:

  • David Dunson 18:02
  • Becky Bowles 22:46
  • Rogathon Age Winners:


  • Under 20, Emily Bell 23:20
  • 20-30, Liz Frederick 24:05
  • 30-40, Destiny Matthews 31:05
  • Masters, Stephanie London 30:10
  • Grand Masters, Barbara Hindenach 26:06


  • 20-30, Daniel Bow 21:41
  • 30-40, Scott McCulloch 21:08
  • Masters, Donald Cozart 24:13
  • Grand Masters, Tom Kirby 21:51
  • Great Grand Masters, Ralph Wilson 28:13

Relay Races

Teams and their times:

  • The Transducers (Becky Boyles, Nick Lu, Jeremy Smyth and Gerd Heimlich)
    • 4 minutes and 46 seconds.
  • The Dynamics (Tom Kirby, Keith Merritt, Scott Gabel, and Scott McCulloch)
    • 5 minutes and 11 seconds
  • "Eat Our DERT" (Jerry Phelps, Brenda Weis, Chip Hughes, and Liam O'Fallon)
    • 5 minutes and 22 seconds

Teams and their times:

  • The Photo Finishers (Lois Wyrick, Brian Mills, Wayne Sutton and Steve McCaw)
    • 1 minute 15 seconds
  • Wheelers & Dealers (Jeff Tucker, Alex Merrick, Kim Goulah, and Stella Sieber)
    • 1 minute and 22 seconds
  • HSB Running Rebels (Vee-Vee Shropshire, Denise Warren-Hinton, Bill Steinmetz and Paul Johnson)
    • 1 minute 22 seconds

Jump Rope

According to organizer Diane Crawford, nobody jumps like Nori Nakamura, who claimed the championship in individual and musical jump rope activities.

Individual Jump champions with number of non-stop jumps:

  • Nori Nakamura, 258 (right)
  • Akef Rahman, 68 (center)
  • Kim Goulah, 56 (left)

Musical Jump

  • 1st place- Nori Nakamura
  • 2nd place - Akef Rahman
  • 3rd place - Kim Goulah

3-on-3 Basketball

  • First place: Eric Potts, Gordon Caviness, AG Carrington
  • Second Place: Darrell Leathers, Markese Leathers, Tyson Holiday

Basketball Shootout

Adjusting to the strong winds, A.G. Carrington scored 14 points in the final round to claim the Basketball shootout championship. He edged out Anthony Lockhart with 13 and Gordon Caviness with 11. Top scorer in the qualifying round with 13 was Junguo Zhou. Other finalists were Eric Potts, Markese Leathers, and Ransom Holliday.

The women's tournament was won by Jackie Locklear, ahead of honest scorekeeper VeeVee Shropshire in second and Grace Liao in third. A total of 20 people participated in the two tournaments.

Football Throw Champs

  • 1st Place: Anthony Lockhar
  • 2nd Place: Eric Pott
  • 3rd Place: Gary Bird 4

Table Tennis

  • 1st place - Joe Hensley
  • 2nd place - Wei Qu
  • 3rd place - Joe Zhou
table tennis winners

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