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Heping Cao Honored in China

January 2005

Heping Cao

NIEHS's own Heping Cao was honored with the Young Investigator Award by the Human Proteomics Organization during its third World Congress Oct 25-27 in Beijing.

Cao presented two posters at the meeting: “Identification of Phosphorylation Sites in Human Tristetraprolin by Mass Spectrometry and Site-Directed Mutagenesis” (Heping Cao, Leesa J. Deterding, John Venable, Elizabeth A. Kennington, Timothy A. J. Haystead, John R. Yates III, Kenneth B. Tomer, and Perry J. Blackshear); and “Expression, Purification, and Biochemical Characterization of the Anti-inflammatory Tristetraprolin: A Zinc-dependent mRNA Binding Protein Affected by Posttranslational Modifications” (Heping Cao).

Cao, during the same trip to China, gave six seminars on his work at NIEHS for researchers at various Chinese institutions, including the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the College of Bioscience and Biotechnology at Beijing Forestry University, Department of Biotechnology at Beijing Union University, College of Crop Sciences at Jiangxi Agricultural University in Nanchang, College of Life Sciences at Jiangxi Normal University in Nanchang, and Key Laboratory for Animal Biotechnology of Jiangxi Province and the Ministry of Agriculture of China in Nanchang.

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