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Bill Suk Joins Collegium Ramazzini

January 2005

Bill Suk, the director of DERT's Center for Risk and Integrated Sciences

Bill Suk, the director of DERT's Center for Risk and Integrated Sciences, is now among the ranks of the prestigious Collegium Ramazzini.

The Collegium Ramazzini is an independent, international academy made up of experts in environmental and occupational health from more than 30 countries. The group examines critical scientific issues in occupational and environmental medicine worldwide and periodically issues statements on topics with potentially high impact on public health. The group is governed by 180 elected fellows. Suk is among the newest members.

The Collegium Ramazzini transmits its views to policy-making bodies, authorities, agencies and the public. By holding conferences and symposia, publishing research papers, and publicizing its views, the Collegium seeks to help legislators, regulators and other decision-makers to better understand the public policy implications of scientific findings.

The Collegium is named after Italian physician and philosopher Bernardino Ramazzini, who practiced and taught medicine in the late 1600s. The non-profit organization is neither associated with nor supported by any single government body or interest group, according to its web site.

Other NIEHS members include Walter Rogan and James Huff.

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