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2004 Awards Ceremony Spotlights Accomplishments

January 2005

From left: Scientific Director Lutz Birnbaumer, DRCPT Director Allen Dearry, DERT Director Anne Sassaman, Associate Director for Management Rich Freed, Deputy Director Sam Wilson and Director Ken Olden.

The annual NIEHS Awards Ceremony Dec. 14 gave NIEHS officials the opportunity to recognize their outstanding staff members, but also gave outgoing Director Ken Olden a final opportunity to say farewell to the group he lead for 13 years.

Olden, who will step down as director in April, said it was the "last time I will get to say thank you" to "a fantastic group of people." He will remain at NIEHS, but will return to research. "You are the most dedicated public servants I know. I hope you will continue to be the best public servants for many years to come," Olden said.

NIH Merit Awards

  • Sam Wilson, deputy director, "For outstanding dedication to NIEHS'NTP for the past eight years and providing invaluable advice and intellectual leadership to the NIEHS, NIH, and the Nation."
  • Jeannie Bell-Nichols, program support assistant, Health and Safety Branch, "For exemplary and inspirational service to the NIEHS Diversity Program and advocacy for the accessibility and safety of individuals with disabilities."
  • Donna Byrd, information technology specialist, Computer Technology Branch, "For creativity, innovation, and resourcefulness in integrating NED and People and developing software to merge NIEHS into the NIH Active Directory."
  • Jeff Sensenig, retired information technology specialist, Computer Technology Branch, "In recognition of service as the DBA for Oracle as the NIEHS DBMS, establishing DBA principles and practices, and being instrumental in incorporating technology innovations."
  • Robert Hoppin, retired information technology specialist, Computer Technology Branch, "In appreciation of outstanding completion of a number of difficult tasks at NIEHS including the Disease Reporting System, Y2K, CSP oversight and other application development."
  • Carl Ahlmark, utility system repair operator, Facilities Operations Branch, "For continuous highly-motivated and extraordinarily hard-working efforts in providing facility maintenance services."
  • Irish Cox, office automation assistant, Facilities Operations Branch, an "Intense, eager worker who takes tremendous personal pride in providing meticulous administrative services to the NIEHS facilities staff."
  • Bob Roe, electronic industrial control mechanic, Facilities Operations Branch, "For repeatedly stepping up and tackling facility operations problems including taking the lead in providing technical support in the upgrading of the building automation systems."
  • Dick Sloane, resource recovery specialist, Facilities Engineering Branch, "For tireless efforts on behalf of, and the recognition received by, the NIEHS in promoting the Institute's tremendously successful employee commute trip reduction program."
  • Christine Bruske, director of the Office of Communications and Public Liaison, "For exemplary leadership in promoting NIEHS communications and strengthening the Office of Communications and Public Liaison."
  • Hui Hu, international editor, Environmental Health Perspectives Branch, "For outstanding service in developing and managing all phases of production of Environmental Health Perspectives' International editions and sections."
  • Michelle Owens, extramural program specialist, "For exceptional support and leadership in the Office of the Director during the transition of support staff to the new Division of Extramural Support Activities."
  • Linda Smith, conference and outreach program coordinator for OSD, "For exemplary work in a support of the NIEHS Board of Scientific Counselors and the review process in the Division of Intramural Research."
  • NIEHS Policy Issues Related to Global Health (OD) - Pam Evans, Lisa Archer, Fred Tyson, Linda Bass, Allen Dearry, Mary Gant, and Bill Jirles, "For advancing the leadership role of NIEHS in addressing research and policy issues related to global environmental health."
  • NIH Roadmap Team (OD) - Mike Waters, Carol Shreffler, David Balshaw, Brenda Weis, Sheila Newton, Bill Suk, Trevor Archer, Perry Blackshear, Allen Dearry and Kim Gray, "For providing exceptional direction in guiding development and implementation of the NIH Roadmap to accelerate the pace of biomedical research and discovery."
  • Acquisitions Management Branch - Valarie Sims, Elaine Schoaf, Antoinette Bridges, Tanya Shields, Betty Wilkins, James Bryant Jr., Dee Lunney, Beverly Hall, and James Patterson, "In recognition and appreciation of sustained work performance in support of the NIH mission."
  • NIEHS Science Education Committee - Bill Jirles, Susan Booker, Darlene Dixon, Charle League, Dick Sloane, Liam O'Fallon, Marian Johnson-Thompson, Mike Humble, Kimberly Thigpen Tart, Stephanie Holmgren, Sharon Beard, Debra Goodnight, Jackie Locklear, Gerard Roman, John Peterson, Marcia Soward, and Lou Rozier, "For developing a trans-NIEHS science education committee that effectively coordinates and implements local and national environmental health science educational efforts."
  • Environmental Health Perspectives Branch - Susan Booker, Erin Dooley and Kimberly Thigpen Tart, "For continuously developing and expanding credible, balanced, and timely news coverage for NIEHS journal, Environmental Health Perspectives."
  • Education and Obesity Leadership Initiative - Shobha Srinivasen, David Brown, Charle League, Allen Dearry, Angie Sanders and Kevin Wheeler, "For exemplary leadership in designing and implementing a multipronged environmental health research and education program to combat obesity."
  • Superfund Applications Review - Janice Allen, Sally Eckert-Tilotta, and Jackie Malone "For the expert management/coordination of the scientific peer-review of the FY 2004 applications submitted for the National Superfund Basic Research Program (SBRP)."
  • Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Centers - Janice Allen, Les Reinlib, Gwen Collman, Anne Sassaman, Elizabeth Maull and Lerlita Garcia, "For expertly joining researchers and advocates to create an innovative research program to study the impact of early life exposures on future breast cancer risk."
  • Programs Analysis Branch - Jerry Phelps and Martha Barnes, "For communicating activities managed by the Division of Extramural Research and Training and the dissemination of science conducted by the extramural portfolio of grantees."
  • External Advisory Group for Superfund Basic Research Program - Kathy Ahlmark, Beth Anderson, Bill Suk and Claudia Thompson, "For exemplary leadership in the initiation, establishment, and management of the External Advisory Group to evaluate and determine impact of the Superfund Basic Research Program."
  • Quality Assurance Laboratory - Jackie Locklear, Gordon Caviness, Tanya Whiteside, Julius Thigpen and Hannah Saunders, "For exemplary work in the early detection and control of mouse parvovirus infection in the animal colonies which prevented costly delays to research projects."
  • Dioxin-like Chemicals / Toxic Equivalence Factors Group - James Hailey, Charles Alden, Abraham Nyska, Tom Burka, Michael Wyde, Nigel Walker, Denise Orzech, Cynthia Smith, Brad Collins and Joe Haseman (retired), "For highly significant scientific and technical contributions to the analysis and reporting of the NTP 'dioxin-like chemicals' initiative."

NIH Director's Award

Traci Hall, investigator in the Laboratory of Structural Biology, "In recognition of research resulting in a better understanding of RNA silencing and its suppression."

NIEHS Peer Recognition Awards

  • Stephanie Holmgren, "For going beyond the call of duty and showing initiative in providing outstanding information services to NIEHS staff and to the public"
  • Laura DeGraff, "In recognition of outstanding service to both people and animals at NIEHS."

NIEHS Unsung Hero Awards

  • Donna Fisher, "For outstanding dedication in a commendable proactive approach, demonstrating commitment when assisting employees with their benefits"
  • Susan Fuller, "For valuable contributions made to NIEHS scientists by providing hard-to-find journal articles and books over the years of interlibrary loan service"

2004 - 30 Years of Service

  • Beth Anderson
  • Deloris Anderson
  • Geraldine Carver
  • Dwight Dolby
  • June Dunnick
  • William Eastin
  • Janet Guthrie
  • Thomas Hardee
  • Eric Haskins
  • Christopher Hunt
  • Shirley Isenhour
  • Terri Lewis
  • Betty Mills
  • Mary Myers
  • Dav Robertson
  • Anne Sassaman
  • Janice Strother
  • Ramsey Walden

F.A.R.E. Awards

  • Michele Block
  • Marueen Bunger
  • Michelle Carey
  • Sherine Chan
  • Miguel Garcia-Diaz
  • Anike Hartz
  • Kenichi Imahashi
  • Nina Storey
  • Junhui Sun
  • Sung-Jen Wei
  • Sarah Kennett
  • Rebecca Klein
  • Guorong Li
  • Nick Lu
  • Negin Martin
  • Zhong Pei
  • John Seubert

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