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Duke's Maurice Wallace Speaks at NIEHS MLK Program

February 2005

portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr. on a table

NIEHS MLK Ensemble performed gospel songs in honor of King
NIEHS MLK Ensemble - Denise Tyre, Denise Warren-Hinton, Shalon Kee, Elliott Gilmer, George Kimble, and Jennie Foushee - performed two gospel songs in honor of King.

Veronica Godfrey and Maurice Wallace
Veronica Godfrey, of the NIEHS Diversity Council, presents Maurice Wallace with a MLK program poster.

Maurice Wallace, Duke University assistant professor and the featured speaker at NIEHS's Martin Luther King Jr. program Jan. 12, said in his presentation, "Changes between Now and Then" that today, more than ever, we need to stand against injustice and reach out to those in need.

Wallace challenged NIEHS employees to keep working to make King's dream a reality. Wallace urged people to be benevolent with those in need, citing events like the Tsunami in December and the war in Iraq.

The audience of about 80 employees gave Wallace a standing ovation, and as is customary, he received a poster announcing the NIEHS MLK program.

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