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Introducing...Keith Moore

December 2005

Keith Moore
Keith Moore

Weekdays Keith Moore is an administrative technician in the Office of the Scientific Director. On weekends he fulfills his "calling" as "minister of music" and stays busy with choir and "praise team" rehearsals. His soft spoken voice and mild manner do not give away the powerhouse vocals he unleashes at the Poplar Springs Christian church each Sunday morning. Moore is a first tenor. When he's directing the mass choir and adult choirs, he sings all the parts for each section-soprano, alto, tenor and base.

Moore began singing at age 3. His grandmother gave him a piano when he was 9. Moore says his mother offered to give him $50 if he learned to play the piano in six months. He learned in four months, but says he never got the money. He did get to travel, play the piano and sing for his grandfather, a pastor in his hometown of Waynesboro, Mississippi.

Moore found a way to make his own money. From age 9 to 17, he played for three churches and made about $160 each month from 1981 to 1989.

Moore will release his first CD, titled "Trust God" next year. Other songs on the CD include "The word of God Will Always Stand," and "I Thank You Lord." Moore wrote and arranged all the songs on the CD, and they all have great significance to him. The "minister" surfaces boldly, when Moore talks about the life experiences that inspired him to write the title track.

When a close friend, Mario Webb, suffered a stroke at the age of 27, Moore was there to tell him to "hang on and trust God." Doctors gave up on Webb more than once while his brain bled. He was barely alive. Today he is well and preaching in Atlanta, Georgia.

Moore also narrowly escaped death last year. When he went to the doctor complaining of severe throat pain and an inability to eat, doctors were shocked to find that Moore had been walking around with a fever of 107 for more than a week. By the time the nurse took his temperature a second time, it had risen to 108.

"I already had a severe case of acid reflux," he said. "November 11 is a very significant date for me. On that date, tests showed large ulcers on my esophagus. The doctors said they got them in time. They could have turned into cancer."

While in the hospital for seven days, Moore asked God to assure him of his "calling" into music ministry. The hospital stay also proved to be an opportunity for him to "minister" to his doctors, who thought he would not be able to sing again.

"During that time, God told me that I should live and not die, and to trust Him and see if He wouldn't make a way," Moore said. "It was my journey to confirm that I needed to move, and do what He was calling me to do. I just had to trust Him, and this is where I have ended up."

Moore says coming to North Carolina, from Atlanta was a "faith walk," and at the age of 34, he just wanted to try something new.

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