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NTP Research Earns SOT's "Best Paper" Award

April 2005

from left to right, Hideko Sone, Nigel Walker, Fred Parham, on screen Hiro Toyoshiba, Chris Portier, and Janelle Martinez
Paper authors from left: Hideko Sone, Nigel Walker, Fred Parham, on screen - lead author Hiro Toyoshiba, who has now returned to Japan, senior author and director of the Environmental Toxicology Program at NIEHS, Chris Portier, and Janelle Martinez. Not shown is Takeharu Yamanaka, who has also returned to Japan.

Researchers in the Laboratory of Computational Biology and Risk Analysis have something to smile about these days. Their paper, "Gene Interaction Network Suggests Dioxin Induces a Significant Linkage between Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor and Retinoic Acid Receptor Beta" was selected Best Paper by the Society of Toxicology. The paper was published in the NIEHS journal, Environmental Health Perspectives, in August 2004.

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