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Jerry Yakel Featured on Native America Calling

April 2005

Jerry Yakel
Jerry Yakel at an NIEHS event

NIEHS's Jerry Yakel was featured on Native America Calling on March 17. The following listing appears on the Native America Calling web site:

Thursday, March 17 - Brain Power: (Listen in RealAudio...)

March 14th through the 20th is "Brain Awareness Week," in the world. There are many organizations, researchers and doctors dedicated to the study of the brain. This week an international effort is underway to bring awareness about the progress and benefits of brain research to the public. What do you know about the human brain? What are your tribal teachings and philosophies about this part of your body? Guests include Dr. Jerrel Yakel, Senior Investigator/ National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Department of National Institutes of Health.

(To listen to the interview, go to: In the column on the left, click on "Past NAC Programs" and scroll down to March 17.)

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