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NIEHS Nano Exposure Workshop

January 9-10, 2013


The number of products in commerce and under development that contain nanomaterials has grown rapidly thus increasing the potential for exposure to nanomaterials at occupational settings and general exposure due to use of nano-enabled products and devices from accidental and incidental exposures. Exposure assessment is an integral component of the risk assessment framework. Knowledge of both exposure to nanomaterials and the potential hazards they may induce allows for evaluating risk and establishing appropriate measures to mitigate risk.


As recognized in the NNI Nano EHS strategic plan, the paucity of information on human nano exposure is hindering the development of nanotechnology health and safety guidelines. NIEHS is considering plans to expand the Nano EHS research program to include exposure assessment as part of the implementation of its new strategic plan. Accordingly, this workshop is organized with participation from several federal agencies, including US EPA, CPSC, NIOSH with aims to explore and identify research directions and priorities for Nano exposure assessment and population studies.


Workshop Goals: We will address four critical research needs during the day-and-a-half workshop:
1) Development of tools and technologies to measure and characterize ENM exposure in human populations;
2) Build upon knowledge gained from in vivo and in vitro studies to establish the biological determinates that ENMs pose to human health and safety;
3) Develop a research strategy for conducting human epidemiology studies to determine health and safety risks posed by ENM exposure in the workplace and in the environment at large, and
4) Discuss consumer product exposure to ENMs.


Following the conference will be a meeting for the Nano Characterization workshop. Get the flyer for that workshop(497KB) .



  • Exposure Workshop: Agenda(88KB)
  • Character Workshop: Agenda(67KB)



Rodbell Auditorium
NIEHS Main Campus, Rall Building (101)
Research Triangle Park, NC



Sri Nadadur, Ph.D.
Health Scientist Administrator
Tel (919) 541-5327
Fax (919) 541-0462

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